Kittens, Aerial Shot

Kittens, Aerial Shot
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Just another kitten pic.

In other news, I started playing Mass Effect a couple days ago. I like it. I’d love it if it wouldn’t crash/lock up/reboot the computer though. And this is with the graphics set so low, the game looks more like KOTOR than ME.

I have to love the dialog options sometimes though. One of your possible responses when a particular alien chick tells you she has a thing for you is ‘Unacceptable!’ :K)

New Kitten Batch

Calico mom’s Kittens
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These kittens were born roughly a week after the litter of three. Their mom is an unsocialized stray, and because her last litter turned out just like her (afraid of us for no reason) I brought her kittens into the house. We lured Mom in too, but she was so stressed by being trapped in the house that any shred of maternal instinct left just disintegrated. Not only does she refuse to feed them, she *hisses* at her own kittens when they come near.

We’ll have to get some kitten formula from the vet I suppose. We can’t let the other mother nurse all seven kittens, even if she is graciously willing to try.

Back home

Well, the odyssey is over.

I met flint_otter, loranskunky, tredain, penh, and Crosscheck. It was great meeting you all, and thank you for opening your home to me. I think I’m leaving Soltris in good hands, even if they won’t abuse him enough. It was great seeing Jamie, and meeting his roomies as well.

In Vegas, I immediately lost 25 bucks, then spent the rest of my gambling-time there losing and winning back the same 20 dollars until finally Vegas said ENUF and kept all but two cents of it.

I’ve put up a few pics on Flickr.

Colorado Mountain

Also, visit my dragon hatchling? If only because I’ve waited this long to adopt one of these things and bugged you about clicking it?


Trip Update

Soltris and I rolled into Cali yesterday around 7 pm, thus completing the Dayton-to-Denver-to-Vegas-to-Frisco run in roughly 4 days.

Got to see Jamie in Colorado, but missed Jizzal. Sorry skunky, I hope exams are going okay. Sorry we didn’t get to bug you either, Teddy.

T’day apparently I’m going down to EA to have lunch, and maybe buy a game. There is so much stuff I’d like to see and do here, but there’s just no way in the time we have. Sandia labs is down here…MI-5, plus all the locations you see Adam and Jamie get junk from… God I’m drooling. Instead I’ll just eat at some local places and relax.

I took sooooo many photos. I hope some turned out so you can see that not all of Kansas is flat, not all of Colorado is mountains, and not everyone in Utah has multiple wives!

Cali Roadtrip

Well, tomorrow I leave for San Francisco with Soltris. We plan to make stops in Denver CO and Las Vegas. I’m makin’ mix CDs to keep us entertained!

Discovery: Old jalapenos are not hot. At all.
Discovery: Poblano peppers are not any easier to roast and skin than other peppers. (Imagine if you will, a garbage bag with a coating of jelly spread uniformly over its inner surface. You freeze the bag, hoping it will make it easier to peel off the bag or to scrape off the jelly. It doesn’t help.)