Heaven’s Corner

I visited Heaven’s Corner recently, an exotic animal sanctuary I’ve mentioned before. It’s about 10 minute’s drive from my place, and they have big kitties as well as many other critters. I asked the owner, Kord, if I could help out by knocking together a presence for them on the social networks.

http://www.myspace.com/heavens_corner turned out pretty good. I’ve got links on there to a Flickr gallery I set up, as well as the videos I posted to Youtube.

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840586654 is the much crappier-looking Facebook version.

If you’re on either site, I’d appreciate it if you’d add it. The more exposure the sanctuary and its homepage http://www.heavenscorner.net gets, the more donations might eventually roll their way. More donations for them means bigger, more comfortable enclosures for the animals as well as the capability to take in more animals from rotten circumstances. These folks have big hearts, and do what they can, but they really do need our support.

Connection error. Help?

So I was messing with the Ghostbusters game some more today, trying to find a magic combination of settings that lets me play. After a little success, lasting failure returned.

Along with that, none of my applications can get at the internet anymore. I can ping things fine, but apps give me a ‘software caused connection abort’ error.

I did a spyware scan, checked my firewall, uninstalled Ghostbusters and cleaned my registry, but nothing helped. The only settings I was jacking with in my game experimentation were graphics settings.


Mystee’s over t’night. We watched a big chunk of the second season of BSG. I’m busy getting angry/shocked/relieved over stuff the rest of America has almost forgotten. At least no one’s managed to spoil anything for me yet. *crosses fingers*

Ghostbusters still won’t work. Reinstalled it, tried everything I could think of, to no avail. Then I learned I’d better stop reinstalling it, because the DRM is so tight-assed (I hear) that after three installs it becomes a coaster. I filed a ticket with Atari support, with no expectations.

Tomorrow, the plan is to have Joe and Kat over and then head to Heaven’s Corner to see the exotic critters. I hope to have leopard, mountain lion, and tiger pics for you when I return. Then I plan to make chicken schwarmas and humus for lunch.

I’m concerned about North Korea’s missile. I’m concerned the batshit-insane people in charge of that country are going to start a war with us. Who in their right mind would play this game with us? Don’t they realize that there is no good way this can end? God. People.

I got three words for you.

Hobo sandbox game.

Your house was foreclosed on. Your fiance left you. You lost your job at the dealership. Now you’re on the streets…and you’re pissed.

Unlock a variety of outfits, including frayed plaid, indeterminately-hued tweed, and garbage bag poncho.

Earn rep through sammich-fights, can collecting, and windshield-cleaning. Use your rep to stake out a pad, from the humble park bench to the coveted abandoned minibus.

Face increasingly difficult enemies! Mumbly vets are harmless alone, but watch out when they swarm. You’ll have to be lightning quick to dodge the crack-fueled attacks of the addict!

Fear the police. Once you’ve gotten more than three move-alongs, they’ll bring in the K-9 units.

Beat out your fellow hobos to become king of the streets and score that sweet posh job at the Y, scrubbing floors.

Birthdays and…

Happy birthday Person! *SLURP* May you enjoy culinary delights, and then become one. :K)


Sad news for me, and anyone else planning to purchase the PC version of the new Ghostbusters game. No multiplayer. It was stripped out. Also, I’ve heard the graphics are all-around better on the 360 than on the PS3 in case you were wondering what version to grab. Haven’t read a review of the Wii version yet.

No next-gen consoles? Well, astoundingly, there’s a version for the PS2. I’m assuming it uses the same graphics the Wii version does, a more cartoony stylized version of the game but with the same story/locations.

Cheap Ghost Trap

Because I feel it’s a crime this fan-made prop replica is going for so little money, I’m plugging this dude’s eBay auction.

This is one of the nicer classes of ghost trap. The doors actually open, and the trap cartridge comes free of its carriage. There are some electronics, but they need a little work.

Current bid as of this post: 51 bucks. Heck, I’d be buying this myself if I was employed. o,o


Show him some love, folks!