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Your forecast for this winter:  cloudy with a chance of ice-cream snow.

As if that wasn’t enough, have a headless motorcycle-riding robot.  Not as cool as the animal-cycles, but picture it with a flaming pumpkin plopped on top of its neck.

Odd sight.

While in Michigan a couple months ago, I saw a man, roughly 65 years old, and around 5′ nothing.  He was dressed in old-man shorts, a panama hat, and a black T-shirt with enormous white block lettering.  It read ‘I Run This Town.’   Just seeing this little old guy, standing by a bus-stop in downtown Detroit, just made me giggle so hard.  I cannot apologize to you all enough for not getting my camera out in time to get a shot.

I feel important.

Welcome to my journal, barbara_hambly. I’ve been a big fan of your work since picking up a copy of Winterlands when it popped up on the Science Fiction Book Club. :K)

Here’s some somewhat unsettling news. A study has linked mental illness with creativity.  Or vice versa.  
It made me think, "Well, exactly how creative am I?  Does the level of creativity correspond to the seriousness of your mental illness?  I mean, I’m no van Gogh or Shakespeare,  so I shouldn’t be Charles Manson or Rain Man."   But reading the article, it seems to indicate that creativity can readily go hand-in-hand with mental illness…not that mental illness often goes hand in hand with creativity.  Phew.

And for you visual people, here’s a pic.

Interesting Twitter Accounts

Couldn’t sleep. Searched for interesting Twitter accounts. If you know any, comment with ’em.

jay_lake – Writer, author of the clockwork-flavored “Mainspring” and “Escapement”.

BrentSpiner – No guess work here.

warrenellis – Prepare to be sworn at?

doctorow – Hot air balloon blogger.

MrsTad – Tad Williams’ (fantasy author) wife. Tad doesn’t tweet, so, next best thing.

JMCousteau – Jean-Michel Cousteau, real-life Captain Planet.

HadronWatch – Might be the closet thing you get to advance warning of reality-ceasure.

jonathancoulton – My favorite modern troubadour.

donttrythis – Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame.

greatdismal – William Gibson


What can I say but, DO WANT.

It’s as if someone asked, ‘How can we make motorcycle gangs more menacing than they already are?’ And someone responded, ‘Throw in Beast Wars.’

Cheap Custom Laser Cutting

Latest awesome discovery:

“Approximately $2.50 per minute of laser cutting time.” “Our custom laser cutting service is ideal for making custom parts quickly and economically for any project. You can get started with making custom laser-cut parts for only $25.”

While they can’t do metal sadly, they do plastic, wood, cloth, paper, etc. Just whip up a CAD file, and they’ll send you a quote. What’s really special about this (to me) is that there are no set-up fees. I like that. Mmm. You don’t know how much. Oh yeah.

Goodnight, x,x