Two flown the nest.

We’ve been holding a garage sale the last couple of days, and giving away kittens at the same time. Duke, the affectionate lanky black cat and Cheeky, the rambunctious likes-to-climb-your-back cat were both adopted by a family and taken home to be barn cats. Good luck, kittens… I hope you live out your days in vermin-chasing happiness.


Kitten: Cheeky

Tech Alert

Because I know how fast some of us go through the gigs,

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So, not too much going on.  I’m slowly trying to return to a sane sleep schedule.  We’re having a garage sale tomorrow, trying to dump some of the stuff cluttering up the house.  Packrat that I am, I’m not putting much in it myself.  x,x

Insomnia Entertainment Presents

I was just on Hulu, watching  a documentary on virtual worlds.  And by ‘virtual worlds’ they really mean WoW and EQ2.  I guess they didn’t have the time or budget to look into any of the others.

They show you the addicted people, the people who found romance through their games, and the households where gaming has replaced all other social activity.  They even tell the story of a Mom whose kid killed himself, apparently because of his addiction to EQ, and her founding of an online gaming addiction organization. 

It’s an interesting watch, with a very few interesting interviews with people in the gaming industry.  I can definitely point to several people shown in the documentary and say ‘Wow, that’s just like x.’  

It isn’t all ‘gamers are subhuman’ though.  They definitely ask the question ‘What is wrong with our world, our society, that millions of people feel they have to escape from it by dumping all of their free time into a virtual environment?’  And that’s an important question to ask.

If you’re asked to choose between a life with no magic left in it and ‘wonder’ that we have to travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to see–and a world where not only are you significant, you’re very likely a hero, respected and capable of instilling self respect in you because of your accomplishments…which would you choose?  Many will say ‘but it’s not real’ but how much does that matter anymore?  Reality is what our mass consciousness has agreed is reality, and over in these virtual worlds we’ve got a burgeoning population imagining another reality.

The key is, the virtual realities we’ve gotten tangled up in are not replacements for real life.  Very few can make a living with their gaming, and we’ve still got our physical bodies to manage.  How long will that hold true though?  How far off are companies that will gladly stick you in a capsule for the cost of college tuition, and let you live out your days in a different world, earning a living in countless ways?
Is that tragic?  By most of the arguments we’d come up with, no.  Romance, friendship, these things wouldn’t change so long as the environment in question is well-populated.  Creation of artwork, music, and literature?  How many of us actually create anymore?  In America at least we’re far more accustomed to consumption.   But even creation isn’t missing from these future worlds.  Your creations will be digital, but that certainly wouldn’t stop them from appearing in the real world.

Argh.  I wish I was asleep.

Car Trouble

Been putting it off for a long time now, but I finally decided to take my poor old Corolla into the shop when the brakes failed for the third time.  Sadly it wasn’t a cheap fix either, nearly 700 bucks.  Still, if it keeps my ride rolling, so be it.  Can’t hold a job without some way to get there.

In other news, I picked up a cheap copy of Painkiller at 1/2 Price Books.   I look forward to assaulting demons with shurikens and lightning.

Saw ‘Funny People’ last night, the new Adam Sandler movie.  It…wasn’t awful, but it ran too long, dragging painfully in spots.  I’d compare it to a good frozen pizza that didn’t cook all the way through:  the cooked parts are quite nice, but the small still-frozen bits ruin the overall experience.  …What a lousy metaphor.