Friday: Mum had surgery. Docs expected to keep her one day afterwards.

Saturday: Attended the Ohio Renfaire with Mystee, Bastian, Jewel, Trickster, Joe Silverhand, Katarina, Aloha, Aloha’s friend (never got introduced) and our resident transplanted New Yorkers: Joe Cat and Mike.

Sunday: Mum is kept at the hospital because she’s in severe pain. To give you an idea how much, her current medication is five times more powerful than morphine. She spiked a 102 fever.

Today: Using less pain medication but still miserable, and the docs have no idea what’s wrong. My brother’s wedding is in 18 days.


Otters don’t respond well to bad jokes.

[18:33] Animakitty: What’s brown and rhymes with Snoop?
[18:33] J Otterbein 81: D:
[18:33] Animakitty: Dr. Dre
[18:33] J Otterbein 81: Oh!
[18:34] Animakitty: :K)
[18:37] Animakitty: What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?
[18:38] J Otterbein 81: =\
[18:38] Animakitty: Russel
[18:38] J Otterbein 81: *slap*
[18:38] Animakitty: So there was a shooting at the Gap… There were many casualtees.
[18:39] J Otterbein 81: *slapslap*
[18:42] Animakitty: I went to an urologist. He said: ‘You have to stop masturbating.’ I asked: ‘Why that?’. ‘Because I can’t examine you!’
[18:42] J Otterbein 81: *stab*
[18:43] Animakitty: How does every racist joke begin?

*look around cautiously*
[18:45] J Otterbein 81: DIE
[18:45] Animakitty: Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? Well, the wedding was terrible… but the reception was great!
[18:48] Animakitty: Thanks folks, I’ll be here all night!

Nerf Raider Is Here!

Nerf Raider 01
Originally uploaded by novusvir

Shameless product plug,

The Nerf N-Strike Raider is here. I don’t have one, and won’t be able to get my hands on one any time soon, so I’m afraid i can’t tell you anything about ranges or fun in general.

However… You see that big fat drum magazine? It’s compatible with the Longshot and the Recon. That’s right. And if you happen to have modded either of those, then you possess the ability to inflict 35 stinging welts before reloading.

Note that the Raider is not automatic like the Vulcan, it’s cocked via that front handle for every shot.

Student Kills Burglar with Samurai Sword

A) Did the burglar deserve to die? No.
B) Is the student wrong for defending his household, but more importantly, himself? No.
C) Was the student stupid for confronting the thief personally instead of calling the cops? …Yeah.
D) Despite all of the above, I cannot find this story less awesome.

The stupidity of the burglar in returning to a previous crime scene for more goodies is obvious. Your victims are alert, discovery far more likely, and they’re fricking pissed to boot. I can’t know how thoroughly the idiot cased the joint on his first shopping spree, but if he noticed the household’s sword/s then…I can only conclude he was suicidal.

I was talking with Lly about this, and imagining how awesome it would be (for a brief time) if the burglar/homeowner war escalated, and the thieves started showing up in chain-mail or plate armor.