The Rape Tunnel

An artist wants to build a 22-foot long tunnel that constricts to a quite narrow opening, forcing people into a submissive posture when they enter the otherwise-exitless room at the end of the tunnel. In that room is the artist, and the artist will rape you.

This builds upon a similar installation he built a couple years earlier called THE PUNCH-YOU-IN-THE-FACE TUNNEL. Three people took him up on the ‘offer’ and he broke the nose of a young female model in the process who consequently sued him. (You miss, are retarded.)

What is truly the point of this ‘artform’? To hi-light the self-destructive properties of the human species? To challenge our concepts of what is permissible under the umbrella of ‘art’?

Or is he laughing at the art world? Lots of people, including the police of course, are trying to get this project crushed. The gallery owner is fighting to keep it, even hiring lawyers to defend it. I’m sure he has many supporters as well as antagonists. Does he respect his supporters? Or are they the object of his derision and disgust, the real target of his work?

I’m actually having a hard time believing this is happening at all. It sounds like an article from The Onion.


…Ah. It isn’t real. I typed the above without reading the comments. I got trolled.

Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ suit on eBay

This is very impressive,

It has fans, red LEDs for the mask portholes, and the drill actually spins. The shoes provide some lift, so you’d be appropriately tall if you’re at least somewhere in the neighborhood of 6′ already.

Go here for the build process blog,

Most recent entry here has a nice gallery from a photo-shoot they did at an aquarium for the proper atmosphere.


Bored? Try a little post-apocalyptic cinema. “A Boy and His Dog!” Stream to your heart’s content.

It’s a film about…well, a boy and his dog, but set in a post-nuclear USA that the Fallout games drew a lot of inspiration from. It’s funny, rather twisted, and not at all PC.

Wonderful artwork

StumbleUpon took me here today,
and I’m floored by this guy’s work. It’s funny, the details are rich, the colors and shading are excellent…just top-notch. If he’s still around when I start getting books published, I’ll definitely try and get him for the cover art.