Guitar Hero II

Yay! The Guitar Hero II bundle I got from Amazon with Christmas money finally arrived. (Excellent deal: 35 bucks shipped. I can haz juicy licks?)

Just spent about two hours playing, and my fingers gave up on me. This is the first fake-guitar game I’ve owned; all my experience with ’em has been playing at Soltris or Joe’s place.

Cherry Pie kicked my ass, ;,; 3-starred it on medium.

First purchased song: a Freezepop track, of course.

Later, when I’m sure I can do it without breaking anything, I’ll disassemble the X-plorer and give it a fancy new paintjob complete with stencils.

Which reminds me, if any of you’d like to add me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Spootz09. I only have the silver account so no head-to-head play, but you can send me misspelled greetings and laugh at my achievements.

Pair of Movie Reviews

So…I’ve had two notable exposures to films in the last couple days.

Yesterday it was Meet the Feebles. I just accepted it as it happened, and I didn’t think it affected me at all in the brain-melting sense those who’d seen it assured me it caused. But in the hours after viewing it, reflecting on the movie… I can sum it up best by saying ‘my brain wanted to vomit.’ It felt sick, deeply regretting what it had taken in. Having the chorus stuck in my head didn’t help.

Today I watched Schindler’s List. As I told Lly, it was a very beautiful and ugly movie. If, like me, you never took the time to watch it then I recommend you set aside three hours sometime soon and give it a try.

It’s hard to think of a larger gap in more respects between movies than these two. The Abyss and Dune have more in common.

I have a headache. -.-

Movie review

A list of ‘the best movies of this past decade’ list suggested I see There Will Be Blood.
Deceptive title, though eventually true.

I didn’t like it. Not only because the protagonist, an anti-hero for sure, was a ruthless oil tycoon who stepped on people constantly.

It was disjointed. The narrative was interrupted frequently. I appreciated some of the specific scenes, where they performed long takes with no cuts. It made you feel like a bystander.

No sympathetic characters. Very limited point of view. We never see the improvements promised to the town, for instance. I thought for sure that would crop up, but nope.

Of course the major upside is that I now understand the whole I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE meme.

Basil of Wolfpark has passed on.

Though Basil died in December, I didn’t learn of it until today when I saw the announcement of an informal funeral to be held for him on Feb. 6th at 1 p.m.

Basil was a beautiful fox, and the animal I most looked forward to seeing on my trips to Wolf Park. While Devon and Ember were skittish to say the least around whatever group I happened to be with, Basil was willing to eat our craisins and receive a few strokes.

I heard stories he would even perch on visitors’ heads now and then.

Rest in peace, Basil. I’m glad to have met you.