Finally saw Avatar today, in all its 3D glory. I’m sure you’re all tired of seeing reviews of the movie, so I’ll just jot down a few of my thoughts.

* Was there a single creature sound in the movie that wasn’t also used in Jurassic Park? That, more than anything else, ruined the immersion for me.

* While the 3D was pretty neat, there were only two scenes where it made a big difference for me: ashes falling, and leaves/seeds falling. I just barely managed to avoid pawing at the air.

* I think I get now why the immersion for this movie was so much deeper than other films, and thus why so many more people got depressed over realizing they’d never experience Pandora for themselves. The interaction between humans and Na’vi was the closest thing to seamless we’ve seen from Hollywood to date. Even though there weren’t many moments where a human was touching a Na’vi or even standing right beside one, the quality was such that you could really forget you were seeing another green screen miracle. And seeing a human presence in that environment must trigger a ‘they did it, why can’t I?’ reaction.

* Beefs: I had expected to be shown explicitly what that Na’vi link was like from the Na’vi perspective. Jump to a first-person view, something like that. Maybe that was just a misconception on my part. The girl who played Trudy, the pilot? Every line she delivered was heavy-handed and ‘I’m acting!’ flavored. There’s a difference between hotshot pilot jock behavior and whatever she was doing. The colonel’s lines were soooo tired and cliched. And drinking coffee while leading an assault? Please. Also, mech-sized bowie knife = retarded.

* OMG-squee: The helicopter lizards.

Chalk & Roses

Pink riots, crimson drips off every shelf
Taste it now, can’t you? Cheap satisfaction
Shell-shocked teddy bears slump, numb
Be mine
Is this a false Fête? Commercial suction?
Call me
A call for love engenders hate. Who but us?
Sweet talk
Lacklove in romance’s realm rail against the blissful
Kiss me
Eat your sour grapes at home lonelyheart
Will you
Chocolate and bloodblooms or not, lovers linger
I do
The celebration of love needs no excuse
Only you

Sarah Palin

Why is Sarah Palin back in the news? Why is anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to anything she has to say? It’s difficult to parody her, because the shit she pulls already makes her look like a parody of herself!

She sounds like she expects to be elected into one office or another. If you voters give her any authority, I’m joining the ‘it will take an armed coup to solve our problems’ party.


This Valentine’s, why not treat your sweetie to a romantic candlelit dinner at…



You need to make a reservation, but it nets you table-side service, flowers and candlelight. …Fine, but it’s still WHITE CASTLE!