Anima’s animal rescue work continues

I saved a snake today! …from our cats. 9,9

I was refilling our koi pond (it’s not nearly as classy as it sounds) and I spotted what looked like shed snake skin on our lawn. It turned out to be a scrap of yellow, dusty bubble-wrap. Five seconds later I happened to peer under the stairs of our deck and saw a lil snake. Probably not much longer than a foot. The cats that were patrolling with me went after it, and I shoved them away. It became clear the cats had found and toyed with the snake earlier though, because it had at least one bad puncture wound.

Scooped up the snake (which refused to show any sign of movement throughout all this) and took it over to a brush pile at the back of our property. I saw its tongue flick out, so it was alive at the very least. Set it down, retreated so the cats wouldn’t follow me to this new locale-of-interest.

A few minutes later, while the cats were busy batting at bubbles in the koi pond, I checked the brush pile. No visible snakey. So either it quit playing possum and hid itself, or a bird got it. Either way, better than being batted around and chewed by cats for hours.

Just wish I’d gotten a photo!


It was probably a Queensnake, judging from the coloration.

Snakes on the dam!!


Pork chops and ginger ale-glazed carrots

The chops took a bit longer to cook through in the oven than the video suggests, but as we all know, ovens vary a lot. They were also a bit saltier than I like, so I’ll have to fiddle with the brine recipe. Do NOT leave your chops in the brine for longer than the recipe directs.

Carrot recipe:…

Pork chop brine recipe:…

Pork chop pan searing instructions: