I’ll be leaving early tomorrow for Portland, Oregon. So if anyone needs me, that’s where I’ll be. ;K)

Also, I’ve been called for jury duty apparently. This is my first time, ever. I was excited about the 15 bucks a day thing until I found out parking isn’t free. Argh!

PC game

This is driving me nuts.

Does anyone remember the name of a PC game on CD-ROM with cinematic content that starts off with your character’s body getting killed, and your teammates put your brain in a robotic body? It’s not a *good* robotic body either, but something like the ROVs used to explore sunken ships.

**EDIT** Found it, FINALLY. The Daedalus Encounter.

NextEngine 3D laser scanner

Okay, this is cool. This NextEngine scanner is about the size of a large Bible, and costs less than 3000 bucks.

The 3D printer is of course, much more expensive but it can actually assemble moving parts in-situ, which I find totally kick-ass. Even if you can’t afford the really cool 3D printer, you can always build one of the DIY models like Rep-Rap or Fab@home for a price more within our reach.

Here’s Jay Leno demonstrating how it helped him reproduce a hopelessly rare steam engine part.

Attack the Gas Station

This was a great romp. I highly enjoyed my introduction to Korean cinema, :K) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0262246/

Four street toughs rob a gas station, but a few hours later they’re bored again, so…they rob it again. But then they realize they can pump gas for people and keep all the money. Various complications arise, and the hostage count rises steadily throughout the movie.

This is just great, goofy entertainment.


Glorious weather today. A rain shower just washed the air clean, and blew petals off our apple trees. They litter the ground like confetti in the wake of a wedding.

When I stood outside, I was beneath the center of a crescent of storm clouds, facing the advancing blue sky.

The scent of the apple blossoms puffed at me gently with each little gust of wind, and from beneath came the scent of the deck’s planks, soaked in rain.

Tiny shoots are growing in the flowerpots scattered across the deck, like tiny green T’s, not much bigger than the one I just typed.

Autumn’s still my favorite season, but spring has a lot going for it.