Gimme somethin’ to watch.

Did you see a good TED video lately? Some fascinating lecture on how quantum computing is a pipe-dream of absinthe-guzzlers? A video clip of a canine humiliating its owners on an intellectual level the humans failed to grasp? Liiiiiiink meeeeeee.

It’s not a great return, but here’s ‘Sliders’ on Hulu. 6,6


Gizmodo just posted a story about a guy (not a scientist or an engineer) who has achieved fusion on his own in rented lab-space. No team, no government grant, just parts from eBay and some serious inspiration.

And you know what’s even more eyebrow-raisingly neat? He isn’t the only one trying, not by a long shot.

I really hope Mark Suppes is the one to get a sustained reaction though, ‘cuz I really want fusion to be purple.

I do wish he wouldn’t operate high-voltage equipment while drinking beer though.

Here’s his Twitter,
And his blog,