Random character ideas

Owl, middle-aged, recently switched to contacts from eyeglasses and keeps trying to adjust his non-existent glasses. Photographer, specializing in nocturnal wildlife photography. Loves Mexican food, Hates the government. Had an extended engagement with a cute kangaroo female, but she ran off with another male, leaving him bitter and disillusioned when it comes to love. He has an abnormally high sex-drive, and owns a staggering amount of actual printed pornography. His siblings never let up on him about his unwillingness to try dating again, so he avoids them, much to the displeasure of his nieces and nephews who love him to pieces. Missing a toe on one foot from a mishap with a hunter during one of his forest photo-shoots.

Chubby impala college student, studying to be a chef and restaurant owner. Crushingly low self-esteem from a lifetime of being mocked by his extended family and peers. Pops anti-depressants, cooks for his dorm roomies, and puts on a cheerful face. Desperate to regain some of the herd belonging and safety he craves, he tends to fall easily for anyone who’s kind to him, male or female. This hasn’t landed him in any really rough spots yet, but his luck won’t hold out forever. Loves to dance, is quite superstitious, and has famously rotten recall. Has no car, and constantly bums rides off other students.

Somber femme coyote, middle-child and ignored by many throughout her life. Thanks to one observant high school teacher, she nabbed a huge scholarship and attended college for an art degree. Her work is unique and soon nets her money and fame, two things she’s totally unprepared for. She finds happiness in her work, but gets blocked easily. Very much a creature of habit, she practices several self-destructive behaviors/habits which no one has gotten close enough to her to notice. She eats almost nothing but pizza and drinks Kool-aid by the pitcher. Her entire back is a map of seared-in tattoos (one of the few ways the furred can have lasting ones) and she presently dresses to conceal them from all. Allergic to chocolate. Adores polka music. Drives a VW bus fitted with a few comforts more suitable to an RV.