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New blog, but not a fresh start.

Hi everyone!   Because my old site was annoying to update (so I seldom did so) and because Dreamhost was having a sale, somehow I’ve ended up using WordPress to build something new.  My LJ entries are here (the horror!) and shortly my Tumblr posts should be thrown into the mix as well.

I hope to continue to entertain, inform, and titillate you in the years to come!

For those of you new to me and my work, you may have to wait for the dust to settle around here to get an idea what I’m all about, but if ‘kinky furry erotica’ doesn’t scare you off by itself then stick around.

Beware of Jace the artist, AKA Brian Harp

Here’s the Artists Beware post about my dealings with Jace. Please read, and spread the word.

In a nutshell, he effectively stole roughly 300 dollars of money and goods from me by never delivering the art I commissioned. One piece is eight years overdue, the other piece is five years late. This January I ran out of patience and gave him a deadline of May 31st to deliver my art. After an avalanche of excuses, he talked the quality of the commissions down and completely changed their content, and still did not deliver.

Do not commission him. Do not trade with him. Do not recommend him. He is a thief.


I’m really feeling crushed tonight by what’s going on in Washington.

And a few weeks ago, there was this travesty,
and this one, not caused by the government but watch the government fail to punish Exxon appropriately for permanently damaging the homes of hundreds or thousands of Americans for decades, because they have no idea how to clean up their own mess.

Do you feel represented by the senators and congressmen in Washington? I at least used to feel represented by the president, but I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t feel like anyone in Washington works for me. I feel like they are working for no one but themselves, which ends up meaning they work for corporations and special interest groups to line their pockets and keep themselves in office in spite of how the population would vote in a fair political fight.

It’s been over four years of virtual deadlock in congress, and meanwhile the country is suffering. Unemployment is still high, education at *every level* is unacceptable, veterans returning from wars we shouldn’t be fighting and can’t pay for are unable to find work, and have a very hard time getting medical care, and an even harder time getting mental health care for the invisible scars they gained on the battlefield. People are frightened about the future of their health care, of their social security. Students have debt they feel helpless about paying off, and many of them accrued that debt earning degrees that aren’t helping them get work. Rape culture and misogyny are still disgustingly prevalent in society, and abusive cop behavior seems endemic in many cities. Look at the numbers in this article. Uninvestigated rape-kits. Thousands of them. When you know how frequently rape doesn’t even get reported, I hope it makes your blood boil to know that so many cases when it *was* and this evidence was collected, NOTHING was done with it.

There are so many problems we’re staring at, with so many seemingly obvious solutions. Take money from the defense budget! It’s obscenely bloated, and it would help fix so many problems. But every day we make more enemies, so every day that budget is more and more justifiable. There are hungry people everywhere in the country, but stores and restaurants and even people throw out good food every day! Can’t we redistribute, make everyone happy? Well, even if the food itself is ‘free’ at that point, the cold/hot storage, packaging, transportation, and logistics of such a distribution are not. That would be better done as a grass roots, private citizen project, which people are already doing.

Dumpster diving. Taking home leftovers from farmers markets, and giving what they don’t need to people they know are in a bad spot. No government involvement, no corporate sponsorship, no grants, but good is being done and the community is healed just that little bit. Is that the answer then? Stop relying on the government to be the answer, and spend a little more time giving your neighbors a hand? It’s easy to say ‘I don’t have the time’ for that, but the thing is, if you had three or four neighbors looking out for you, you *would* have the time. It’s a return to the village style of living, where neighbors depended on one another for everything from childcare to sharing tools to sharing meals. It feels unnatural, and I bet it would be damn uncomfortable for most of us, even for a long time, but it could go a long ways towards propelling us into a better world.

Red Dwarf

So, I recently finished watching the TV series Red Dwarf. It was fun, but more than that, it fulfilled a need I finally identified this time around. I watched all the seasons of ST:TNG, DS9, Voyager, and now Red Dwarf not only for the entertainment value of the shows but because the ‘company’ of the familiar characters was somehow comforting. It’s very hard right now to go see local friends, and while TV show characters are a pathetic substitute, they’re much better than nothing.

Back to Red Dwarf specifically though, there’s a real undercurrent of horrifying depression in the show. Lister takes everything so cheerfully, but the song that plays through the ending credits really nails it home: ‘I’m all alone, more or less.’ Do you remember being left alone in the house as a child? Do you remember how empty, huge, cavernous it felt with no one else there? At first it was probably exciting, but as the minutes and hours dragged on it grew more oppressive, lonelier, and you likely struggled to find things to do to keep your mind occupied.
Multiply that feeling by a million to see where Lister was. The only human left aboard a massive, empty ship hurtling (virtually unguided given how lousy their AI was) through space, with just a hologram recreation of someone you never liked and a rather aloof felinus-sapiens for company? Later there were a couple of others, sure, but for a long time it was just Rimmer and Cat.

Imagine for a moment that every character other than Lister is a figment of his imagination. There are plenty of reasons why that isn’t likely the case, but it wouldn’t be a surprising reaction to his circumstances.

Thinking upon a situation like that, I have to admit that my younger self was wrong; I wouldn’t be happy living totally alone, no matter how many books I had to read or how many cans of cherry pie filling I had to eat.