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Welcome to Anima’s Daily Digest!

Here you’ll find access to stories, role-playing logs, artwork, links to other interesting places around the web, and all sorts of other fascinating things to ensnare your attention.

I’m your host, Anima, a black panther of unlikely dimensions and impressive girth, sporadic author and a fairly visible member of the furry vore community since the late 90’s.

This site represents the latest attempt to showcase my work and the content created for me by friends and commissioned artists over the years.  I hope you’ll find plenty here to float your boat.  Just be careful not to linger too long.  You never know when I’ll start feeling peckish again.

The Library, where my stories live.

The Candlelit Gallery, where you can find my art collection.

The Screening Room, where you’ll find logs of my carnal and gluttonous adventures.

The Link Grotto

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A portfolio of vore-centric fiction, art, and other content.