This is the reason most of you are here, whether you know it yet or not.  While I may not have much in the way of artistic talent and certainly couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag, I’m not a bad wordsmith.  The fruits of my efforts can be found here, though you should also take a look at my story wiki, which can be a more pleasant and seamless reading experience.


TitleDescriptionContent Tags
AlteredA teen boy goes in for the latest fad: body augmentation. He blends himself with a black panther, and meets rejection from his parents after the procedure.Non-sexual, Transformation
Rent's Low For a Reason, Y'know?A silly short with horny aliens and blob absorption.
When a Body Meets a BodyA bit of Sonic fanfiction. Bunnie meets a female version of my MUCK character, Anima.Oral Vore, Sex, Unbirth, Transformation, Sonic Universe
Demon QueenA demoness leads her army of hungry imps into the human world for a feast...
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marla?Marla, a half-morphic bovine with an appetite for living food, has some post-meal fun with her mate. Post Vore, Cow, Digestion
The Three Laws Don't ApplyA pudgy panda girl ingests two toy robots by accident, and convinces her beau to go in after them...Silly, Oral Vore, Panda
Nectar of the GodsA Centauress was cursed by the gods to crave semen. Too bad for males everywhere that she never considered it a curse!
Sex, Sweat, and SurrenderA curvy gecko takes home a kitty from a bar and shows him a wild, slippery time. Unbirth.
WerewolfAfter being bitten by a werewolf, our hero lived a normal life between full moons, and took every precaution to keep his transformation from harming his wife...until one night, they both got careless.Oral vore, Werewolf
Smith 1 (Mouths to Feed)A young thieving lutrai bites off more than he can chew when he attempts to steal from a massive badger blacksmith. What will his punishment be?M/M Sex, Oral Vore
Death, Taxes, and a Hungry Wolf's StomachEntropy, incarnated as a plump greedy wolfess, encounters a hiker in the woods and adds him to the countless lives already archived in her gut.Oral vore, Storage vore, Sex, Human, Wolf
Revenge is Such a Tasty DishTogether, the three friends quest to locate the surviving villagers, and dispatch the responsible raiders.Oral Vore
She Seems to Want SecondsThe trio are captives of one of the cruelest of the raiders, but he underestimates the protective instinct (and the appetite) of his ursine slave.M/F and M/M sex, Oral Vore, Sadism
Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays (Gel UB)Same as above with unbirth swapped for oral vore.Messy, Unbirth, Cum Trap
Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays (Gel Oral Vore)Roger was unlucky enough to have a rotating dimensional portal in his bedroom. One night he was snatched from his bed and brought to meet the Dragoness queen...Messy, Oral vore, Cum Trap
Old Brown Mare Ain't What She Used to BeA *very* naughty story about an equine couple with extremely exotic and perverse tastes in vore... Anal vore, Cock vore, Breast Vore, M/M, M/F, F/F
RenovationsSet in the Herm Haven from FurryMUCK, a hyperish herm cougar takes home a hyper German shepherd fellow for some badly-needed 'work.' Warning: I sowed this one pretty liberally with puns. :KDHyper, Cum Inflation, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Smith 2 (Fleshsmith)More adventures with Raoul the blacksmith. He acquires a magical hammer which shapes flesh as if it were soft iron...Vore, M/M, Fisting, N/C
Another Monster Bites the DustA professional monster hunter meets his match and goes down the hatch. ;K9Oral vore, Human, Dragon
A Triple-Cross in the Halls of RosariumContains rough (some blood) oral vore and soul vore. A lady panther gives her sweet stallion servant his last order.M/F, Oral vore, Soul vore, M/M, Anal Sex, Cruelty
Vixen 1 (The Perfect Gift)A young man receives a plushie fox for his birthday, and discovers it isn't quite as inanimate as he thought.Plushophilia, Unbirth, Transformation
Vixen 3: There Goes the NeighborhoodA new fox invites the two foxes to come see hir in California... The kit is born!Vore, Genital Vore, Sex
Vixen 5: Fitting In (All the Way In)More adventures with the foxish family.Sex, Vore, Unbirth
WantedA Western vacation-planet is our hero's last stop before returning to work. But he finds an excellent reason to stay, in a group of sexy bounty-hunting furs. Unbirth, Human, Raccoon, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex
Burgeoning Desires 1Something Morphy and I cooked up together.
This tale dwells on inflatables, but also includes unbirth, and soft oral vore. ;K)
This story follows the pattern of the rest of my older work in that a young human is pleasantly surprised with a nympho this case, a balloon vixen. The plot thickens when he finds himself responsible for the care and feeding of a whole gaggle of the balloon vixens! If one demanding, horny, squeaky seductress was exhausting, what will more than a dozen do to our poor hero? :KD
Unbirth, Oral Vore, Balloonies, Inflation, Balloon Vixens, Sex
Burgeoning Desires 2: The Ranks SwellThe balloons begin to spread, and our hero in this tale is the lucky recipient of a nice squeaky vixen. will he hide his new companion from his balloonie-ignorant wife?
(This one has a much stronger N/C flavor to it than the first one, almost a ridiculous horror movie vibe in places, but it's playful and it all works out in the end, so don't let that put you off.)
Inflatables, Unbirth, TF, Sex
Chubby With a ChaserA nightclub's pet cum-dumpster making his gooey rounds for the night runs into some potential competition.Anal sex, Oral sex, Mild cum inflation, Oral vore
Make Mine a Mutt (Incomplete WIP)A human man buys an anthro 'Pet,' a genetically engineered companion, and enjoys the fruits of a swiftly-blooming affection (not to mention a sex drive that had been restrained for ages.)Heterosexual sex, Human on furry sex, Oral sex, Anal sex
Balloon Fox D&D Monster SheetNot my work, and just for fun of course. :K)
Deep LoveA story I wrote for Eve-chan of FurryMUCK, a Dracat who unbirths...well, everyone and everything. o,O Unbirth
DrexalA starship troopers-esque story about a wolf who leads his men into battle against enormous gelatinous worms who seem bent on devouring everyone in their path.Sci-fi
GalisA serpentine alien CEO and her favorite bounty hunter pursue a relationship, until he discovers her horrific appetites.WIP
JennyA feline betrays her mouse-savior, by devouring her entire village's population. *Urp*
Lost & FoundMy very first web-published story. A survivor from a wrecked spacecraft meets and befriends a lonely nature photographer. Weight-gain, Oral Vore, Transformation
OriginsAnima's origin tale. Explains how I cheat so badly when RPing. ;K)
Pilgrimage 1Cattaurs come to Earth en masse!
Pilgrimage 2Conclusion
PlushieAn early tale about a girl and her animate plushie, and the mischief they get up to.
Possession is 9/10ths of the LawA wolfess accidentally unbirths a kitten, and the sensations drive her to interesting acts.Unbirth, Wolf, Cat
Road TripA pair of cattaurs befriend a young man traveling across the US.
SaviorAnima helps rescue a nigh-godlike vixen from a hostile planet. Romantic stuff ensues.
SMfoxA subbie fox displeases his master, and is served a horrible punishment...
Straight to My ThighsA wolf finally claims her zebra lover as a meal, the culmination of a romantic relationship taut with restrained appetites.
The Road to RecoveryHeather manages a clinic that modifies humans with animal traits, but also houses those so-transformed who simply can't get along in a macro stallion with tentacle-cocks. Macro anal engulfment.WIP
TroyA tormented homosexual man falls reluctantly in love with a rescued cattaur.
Turnabout is Fair PlayA collaboration between my mate Lly and I, detailing a day in the life of a sticky, voracious blob.
VacuumA vixen purchases a new vacuum, *The Vacuum of DOOM* Or something. :K)
Vixen 2The fox lovers are kicked out of their home and sent to survive in the cold cruel world.
Vixen 4Windsor goes wild, and becomes a Macro-vix! Unbirth, cock vore, oral vore, macrophilia.
Vore Text Meme

Vore Text Meme Excerpt
Not a story, just a short scene I typed out to show the kind of roleplaying that hits all my buttons. Anal vore. Cum inflation. Sex.
Yes, Master.An abused cattaur finds a haven with a kind master, but her new life is jeopardized by political extremists! Weight-gain, Oral Vore.

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