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Here you can find links to other places to find my content on the web, as well as friends’ sites, other places with vore content, and simply interesting spots on the web to visit.

Friends’ Pages

Llyander’s FiMFiction Page – Read Lly’s MLP fanfiction here!

Llyander’s Furaffinity page – Read the rest of Lly’s writing here!

Eka’s Portal – A great vore resource site with art, logs, stories, chat rooms and a forum.

DreamDancer’s Page – DreamDancer’s homepage.  Art and more!

Taross’s Chakat-Kin Site – Skunktaur goodness!

Cerine’s Site – Inflation Fun! – The lovely Dr. Jones’s website.

Rochndil’s Story Page – Lots of nice stories here from the talented


Furry Links

The VCL – A G-through-X rated furry art archive

FurAffinity Art Archive – A furry art archive with material from G to XXX

Ohiofur Page – – The Ohiofur group’s  webpage.

Furry Proximity Locator – Find out if any furs live near you.

SocioPolitical Ramifications MUCK


Vore Links

Gryphraptor’s Voretex – A great Vore resource: stories, movies, pics.

Vor-Com – Avon and Jess’ Vore Resource Page.

Markie’s Page – Dragonesses gorging themselves, ;K)

Mamabliss – Lots of vore artwork here, most of it in comic form.

Jackal butt – Duo’s Art Site.  Duo draws some of the best vore artwork I know of. Yay for fattened, gorging furs!

Big Gulp Message Board – One of the more active vore message boards left on the ‘net.

Scott Calico’s Gallery – A great artist who draws such cute vore, I couldn’t not include him in this list. :K)



Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures!
Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures!



Vinci & Arty
Vinci & Arty




Wapsi Square

Wapsi Square


9 Chickweed Lane
9 Chickweed Lane






Nothing Comes Naturally (Nocona) – Rubber skunks, Chakat-rays,  mad science and DOOM!

Nip & Tuck – the exploits of two ‘hick’ foxes and their friends.

Gaming Guardians – Graveyard Greg’s paper RPG-based webcomic. It’s geektastic, with some great storylines. Huuuuuge

Also, check out Carpe Diem and Dungeons & Denizens,
two other comics Greg writes.


Other Anima Haunts Around the Web

My Flickr Photo Gallery – I keep most of the photos I take here.  A few are friends-only, so you’ll need to join and friend me. If you have a
Yahoo account, you have a Flickr account!

My FurAffinity Site – My corner of FurAffinity. Some of my stories are reposted here, as well as some photos, and a few journal entries. Look at my Favorites gallery!

My Youtube Page – Not a lot here really, but you can stalk me.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a site and utility that guides you to
content you never would’ve found on your own. You can see some
of the treasures I’ve unearthed here.

Anima’s Story Wiki – A cleaner reading experience in some ways.

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