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Been down in the dumps since the French test. I’ll get it back today, and in all likelihood I’ll be taking this course again next quarter.

In other news, the two Mavericks I was working on are done. One goes to Scotland, one goes to Miamisburg Ohio. Hee.

I find Alan Dean Foster’s ‘The Damned’ series to be damn inspirational. If you haven’t read the series, you ought to do so. It’s a tale about an interstellar war between two coalitions of aliens: The Weave and The Purpose. The Purpose is basically the largest cult evar. They ‘persuade’ you to their way of thinking through the mind manipulation powers of a race called the Amplitur, who started the whole Purpose thing. The Weave are merely a coalition of alien races trying to fend off the all-devouring Purpose.
The Weave sends out an exploration mission to search for new allies. Who do they find? Us. We humans are unusual among the universe’s denizens in that we’re borderline-civilized. We can fight and not go into shock at the sight of blood. (Most races *do* go into shock, or can’t even get near the battleground. There’s only one major exception to that among the Weave peoples, and they fight only reluctantly.) Humans also have far denser musculature and a solid internal skeleton, making us tougher than practically everyone else.
The books are half philosophy, and half action. Pacifism, cultural blending, xenophobia, it’s all there and you’ll find it tough to put the books down.

Miss y’all. Mrew.

FC, arrival

I arrived safely, and my trip was quite comfortable! My seat neighbor on the flight to Atlanta was a tiny Chinese man, so I had plenty of leg and elbow room. The flight from there to San Jose was even better! No one showed up to fill the other two seats in my row! And I seemed to be the only person on the plane in that situation… It was quite nice.

Now I’m using Dana’s computer to type this up. Free internet in the rooms, thanks to some repairs the hotel is doing at the moment after some minor flooding. Umm, I’m registered. Shaun and John are great fun, and Dana’s a very interesting guy. I saw Greg t’day, but no one else I really know, yet. Oh, I did see Cy_Canine briefly.

I still don’t know what Alan Dean Foster looks like…there was a huge screen of furs-heading-for-food between him and me. Ah well!
Trying to pick out the panels to attend tomorrow. The number of panels is staggering… AC’s programming pales beside what they’ve got lined up. Sheesh!

I picked up this so-beautifully-soft brown and white plushie at a local store today. It’s gorgeous, and feels like angora or something, though I’m sure it’s synthetic. Now all I need are a tiger, jaguar, and snow leopard to complete my favorite-animals-I’m-likely-to-find-as-plushies collection. (I don’t expect to ever find a good gryphon, otter, dragon, or fox plushie.)

I’m a bit worried Shaun isn’t having much fun. I hope he’s just tired. *hugs the weary gryph*