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Been down in the dumps since the French test. I’ll get it back today, and in all likelihood I’ll be taking this course again next quarter.

In other news, the two Mavericks I was working on are done. One goes to Scotland, one goes to Miamisburg Ohio. Hee.

I find Alan Dean Foster’s ‘The Damned’ series to be damn inspirational. If you haven’t read the series, you ought to do so. It’s a tale about an interstellar war between two coalitions of aliens: The Weave and The Purpose. The Purpose is basically the largest cult evar. They ‘persuade’ you to their way of thinking through the mind manipulation powers of a race called the Amplitur, who started the whole Purpose thing. The Weave are merely a coalition of alien races trying to fend off the all-devouring Purpose.
The Weave sends out an exploration mission to search for new allies. Who do they find? Us. We humans are unusual among the universe’s denizens in that we’re borderline-civilized. We can fight and not go into shock at the sight of blood. (Most races *do* go into shock, or can’t even get near the battleground. There’s only one major exception to that among the Weave peoples, and they fight only reluctantly.) Humans also have far denser musculature and a solid internal skeleton, making us tougher than practically everyone else.
The books are half philosophy, and half action. Pacifism, cultural blending, xenophobia, it’s all there and you’ll find it tough to put the books down.

Miss y’all. Mrew.

Humanists, puns, time travellers and aliens.

Alright, just on the hunch that not every human on Earth has heard about Spider Robinson, the sci-fi author, I’m going to mention him here. Spider is a hippy, a humanist, a pot-advocate, and I hope one day to write very much like he does.

How many books have made you cry? Not necessarily sad-tears, but Moved-tears. Perhaps joy-tears, but maybe not. Nearly all of Spider’s books have made me cry at one point or another. Whether out of breathless joy or, for the loss of a character I treasured, pain enough to squeeze my heart in my chest.

But it isn’t all crying, ;K) Spider is a punster, and some of his are just… You *will* groan out loud, and eyes will roll. He has an exquisite and naughty sense of humor that I greatly admire.

Spider knows just how rotten mankind can be. And he knows the heights to which we can climb, as well. He has faith that we can outgrow our violent, suspicious, petty, judgemental, bastard natures to be people who love, care, create, and work to eliminate the woes of our poorly-treated world. His faith gives me faith…there’s a chance still we might not make a ball of slagged glass and poisoned seas of our home.

If you’ve never picked up his work,
“Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon” http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0812572270/qid=1097091002/sr=8-6/ref=pd_csp_6/103-9548428-0617442?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 and “Callahan’s Lady” http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0671318314/qid=1097091002/sr=8-6/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i6_xgl14/103-9548428-0617442?v=glance&s=books&n=507846
are two great places to start. The ‘Callahan’ books have grown into something of fan-service at this stage (So I hear, I haven’t yet managed to grab the two latest installments) but these two originals contain all that is right with the wonderous settings and characters Robinson has created. I just wrote a huge paragraph describing Callahan’s Saloon, and had to delete it, because it failed to convey what it is. You must read it yourself to treasure this imagined place in your mind…no exxageration there.

You can often pick up a copy of one of these at a used book store, or certainly on Amazon, for less than six bucks. I encourage you to do so, and have your hope for our poor, blind, stupid race rekindled.

And if any of you have a book you feel should be required reading for *everyone*, please comment with the title and author.