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Rainbow cake, from The Omnomicon

I’ll have to make this next time I make dessert for the family. It looks dead-easy, and those colors are just what we need in bleak, frozen months like this.


Taste The Rainbow

In non cake-related news…I’m considering getting off my ass and going into overdrive with the Nerf painting/modding thing. Get the (admittedly enormous) stockpiles of guns in shape, and sell ’em. In this economy I shouldn’t expect what I might’ve gotten last year at this time, but it’ll be income!


This is quite possibly the most horrifying edible (I’m taking the creator’s word for that,) culinary creation I’ve ever had the misfortune to read about. Remember that episode of Star Trek TNG when Data cut a piece from the Diana-cake in a dream? Okay, now, imagine if the inside of that cake was realistically made up to look like the true interior of a human torso, with different kinds of cake for each organ and different noxious (but delicious!) looking jams juices and sauces in each, to make them ooze realistically when cut into.
That, my fellow shellshocked ‘net denziens, is what has been done here. http://www.theyrecoming.com/extras/pumpkinfest03/ Just…without Diana.

I hope I can forget that thing before lunch…