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My package came! (Boy…you can’t say *anything* now without sounding dirty.)

Just spoke with Mum on the phone; my package came! Ohhhhhhhhh…I want to get home and break out the new cathodes! Argh… Still 52 minutes to go! It’s only, quatre heures vingt-huit! I can’t leave until cinq heures vingt! ARGH!

Searched s’more on LJ for people I know… Found Dalia’s LJ, but since I only admire her and never even encountered her before, I decided not to add myself to that monstrous friend-list. Eek! :K) I’m sure there are some whose LJ’s aren’t directly named after themselves…and who don’t list furry as an interest for some reason…but I’ll find you out eventually! Muah-hah-hah!

Third argh, I reallllly want to play Master of Orion 2! But my Win 2k computer won’t let me…and my Win98 computer won’t let me… ;,; But, easier to fix the Win98 than try to get the Win2k box to run in DOS. *shudder* I just need to add CD-ROM support to the Window 98 box’s DOS environment. Config.sys and autoexec.bat, you are my friends. (And also bitter, lifelong foes. Buffers=60?! My furry ASS they do!!)
Ahem. Yes. Anyways, I really need a MOO fix. Mmm. Cows…hungry, vorish cows…turning furs into milk… What a nice tangent. :K)