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Battlestar Galactica Halloween Costumes

Mystee and I might try to pull of some BSG costumes for Halloween this year. I figured she’d go in the casual BDUs (that weird wifebeater outfit) and I’d go as one of the deck crew, in the orange coveralls. Apparently the closest thing that comes in orange is http://www.sullivanuniforms.com/uniforms/CC14/Coveralls/Red+Kap+Snap+Front+Cotton+Coveralls.html

And those need quite a bit of work to get them close to the show’s version.

Anyone done something like this already? Advice? Screen captures for reference? Sources for BSG patches/dogtags etc?

And Tugrik, ever thought about doing some BSG props? Like the ‘ignition key’ you see now and then with the cold-cathode type light in it.

Oh, and here’s another flutterby pic.

Monarch Butterfly at Cox Arboretum

Judge Dredd Costume Auction

o,O I was browsing images on Profiles In History’s website (apparently they auction off movie props/costumes among other things) and I found they’re auctioning a male Judge and female Judge costume. Asking price? 200-300 bucks.


Surely one of you could afford that. You’d be fixed for Halloween forever!

Tank Girl, WoW costumes

I just watched Tank Girl this morning, while not-sleeping. Who remembers this guy?

Such a fun movie.

For all you WoW players: Rate from 1-5 (One being ‘You sir, are a stupid nerd’ and five being ‘I will sell my colon to science to own this.’) how cool it would be to own a quality outfit of WoW clothes/equipment? A friend recently proposed I collaborate with him and his sewing-master mother in making costumes. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to have one of these for LART-purposes?

Movies, Madness, Marbles.

Amityville Horror creeped me out. Far more than The Ring could ever hope to do to me. *shudder*

Stealth was silly, but fun to watch. EDI was a neat prop, lots of LEDs. :KD

I’m missing the cords to my Xbox. o,O I went searching through my brother’s room to see if he had them, and found a whole stack of games he’d apparently just stolen out of my room at some point. I’d been looking for Starcraft for ages, and he’s had it all this time. The brat claims I let him borrow them. 9,9

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, to see if I’ll be diagnosed with ADD.

Thinkin’ about buying some white military dress uniform gloves and making Alucard’s (of the Hellsing anime) gloves…both for myself and for sale.


I dyed on Tuesday.

I finally found some Pearl Gray Rit dye and followed some online instructions to dye the flightsuit in our washing machine. It came out a touch darker than I wanted…it looks more gray than khaki now, instead of the khaki-with-gray that I wanted. Apprently it lightens up quite a bit when photographed, so I may leave it as is and get those patches sewed on. Gotta dye those elbow pads next. I’ll be cutting wood again this long weekend, and hopefully finishing up at least two modules for the pack. Progresssssssssss!

Birthday tomorrow. Possibly dinner out with the folks. My brother’s bailing to go to a concert, so that pretty much blew the family togetherness thing. (Not that I care. He always picks the yummiest things off the cake anyways, the brat. Ever known someone who did that? Peels the cheese off of lasagna; pries the hershey kisses out of cookies; eats only the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, etc?)


Still sick. Fever seems to have departed, but I’m coughing like a Russian janitor.

Teh gewd nooz: My MT500 radio holster arrived today, all the way from the UK. Now I have something to put on my pistol belt. Still trying to win the actual radio on Ebay…

I’m reading the Usagi comics I won at Morphicon. I like the comic, but the ‘shorts’ at the end of each issue really really tremendously suck. o,o

I need to see about asking Trickster if she’d like to ask Graveyard Greg to be a GoH next year, and Kage if they’d like Fred Perry for ’06. That’d be awesome.

I’m going to go cough s’more now. Be well shorties! And tallies! And…god, what am I doing? x,x


The flightsuit is bought. If I really like this one, I may buy the black version another time to just wear. Flightsuits seem to be practical clothing, to me. This one though will be getting the Ghostbuster patch and nametag sewn to it, perhaps after a dunk in some dye to get it a more accurate color.