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The gathering at my place went well. Bastian lobbed water balloons at Mystee, Kamilya and me as we did our best to drown each other with enormous squirt guns.

I also showed off the Oozinator, which was met with exactly the kind of incredulous disgust it deserves. (What’s interesting though is that though the canister of ‘bio-ooze’ that ships with the Oozinator itself is semen-white, the additional canisters you purchase separately are clear, a bit less obscene.

Soltris joined us as things were winding down, but Kamilya was happy to hit him with a one-second burst from this, which made up for nearly all the soaking he missed earlier. :KD

I grilled hotdogs (first time I’ve grilled anything, and aside from one Anakin-dog, it worked out okay) and we enjoyed a nice meal out in the sun.

Mystee and Bastian had brought along the card games Guillotine and Fluxx, so we played those until it was time for all to depart.


On an unrelated note, a pickup truck hit a cow about forty feet from our house today. A good Samaritan had stopped to flag people down and prevent the wandering cow from getting hit. The pickup ignored the man, hit the cow, and the flying cow hit the good Samaritan, breaking his arm.