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So…how *you* doin’?

I’m not dead, I’m just busy. Or exhausted. Mom’s been in the hospital again, having a hernia-repair done. There were some fumbles with her blood thinning meds, and then with her antibiotics, when one gave her ‘Red man syndrome.’ The symptoms? Your face grows very red, a fever develops, and everyone freaks out. 9,9

Then her gallbladder started acting weird after the surgery. The docs don’t want to go back in so soon, so…they waited to make sure it wasn’t going to tear her apart from within (okay, more like, ‘make her digestive system pout and quit working’) and sent her home. Tonight’s her first night home in a week.

Meanwhile, I’m busy with school and work. Two of my classes are very heavy on reading, and I’ve been barely keeping up with that. I’ve been playing fast and loose with my schedule at work to get in my hours (eventually) and still make it to class. Gonna have to talk with the boss about new hours.

My spirits are okay. I’m bummed every time I remember Jamie (a local fur-friend) is leaving the state, but he’s around a bit longer. Have fun with the otter while the otter’s there, right? :K)

T’night Mystee, Swiftwing, Jamie, Soltris and I saw ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and I laughed and cried. Absolutely brilliant work on that faun, but the gratuitous torture, sadism, and murder kind of, uhh, caught me off guard. The one preview I’d seen for the film (months and months ago) made it look like a movie in the ‘Legend’ set. Fantasy. Not…well, the tragedy with fantasy elements this was.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

If you celebrate another holiday, or none at all, accept my words as the wishes for warmth, comfort, and fun they are intended to be. :K)

For your amusement, a couple of funny ‘poems’ I scribbled out last week, intending to put them in my family’s stockings. (Most of them were awful; I submit the two that at least earned a few chuckles.)

He’s up on a ladder,
He’s driving to the mall,
He’s rolling out cookies!
He’s always on call.

He strung up the lights,
He decorated the tree.
He braved the Black Sunday crowds,
Always for free.

Let’s hear it for Dad,
The director/producer and narrator of the season,
Coffee-fueled engine of generosity,
Even when not given much reason.

Thank you for your time Dad,
Your aid,
Your love.
May I be as good a father, once I get laid.


I’m sorry it doesn’t fit.
I’m sorry it’s decaf.
I’m sorry it’s late.
I’m sorry I ate it.

I don’t hate you,
I didn’t lose your list.
I’m not an idiot,
Just a lame brain.

I don’t re-gift,
I don’t shop with malice.
I could have gone with a gift card,
Admitting I have no time for you.

Your gift may have come in a box,
A bag,
A can,
A chest of ice…

But it was packed with more than foam,
It was packaged with anticipation.
Wrapped with more than a bow,
I topped it with a giddy grin.

Your smile upon opening it is my reward.
That’s all I wanted to see.
Obligation doesn’t drive me,
I just wanted a thank you that wasn’t a ‘socks thank-you.’

Give me that smile, recognize my play for your joy,
…And then I’ll hand over the receipt.

May today be nothing but warm fuzzies for you all, whatever the weather may be like.


Here’s your chance to plug a LJ friend. Suggest to me (here as a comment or as a post in your own journal) someone’s journal you love reading. It’s funny/interesting/witty/informative/beautiful, whatever. If you feel strongly they deserve to be read, speak out.

I’m plugging Tugrik today, because I enjoy reading his entries. It’s just the right blend of ponderings, interesting hobby posts, photography, and amusing moncerous behavior. :K)

You can go peer at him at http://tugrik.livejournal.com/

Yes, I’m posting a lot today. At least I didn’t post the stupid photograph I’d planned to. You’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow for that. :KD

Lots of friends?

Livejournal kind of messes with the definition of friends, doesn’t it? I think perhaps 20 people on my friendslist comment on my journal, out of nearly 200. That’s not counting any of the people I friended who never friended me back, (mostly celebrity-level furs, who have far too many people to keep up with as it is)
these are just the people who’ve added me to their friendslist at some point.

Now, I don’t mind that you’re all quiet. Most of you that never comment are probably just not that big into LJ and might look at it once in a week, if that. I figure if you’re watching me you must’ve seen something interesting/funny, and hopefully you continue seeing such today.

It’s just a little ironic that it’s a ‘friend’ list when it’s possible that the vast majority of your ‘friends’ are people you barely know or don’t know at all, and who never talk to you.

I’m guilty of it too! There are people I watch whose journals I read or at least skim, but I rarely venture a comment. Partially because I don’t feel I have the right to; I barely know ’em. And partially because not knowing them makes commenting kind of silly when you don’t know what to say. One young lady on my friend’s list was deeply affected by the Katrina disaster, and what can you say about that? What might offer hope? Encouragement?

If any of you are leery of commenting because you don’t know me well and vice versa, just go ahead. We’ll at least then have started getting to know each other. ;K)

Merry Christmas!

I just want all of you, whether you’re with family right now or all alone, to try and kindle for a moment the warmth you felt as a child on Christmas. The giddy excitement, the contentment after your greed had been sated, the free and easy feeling knowing you still have some time off before school started up again.

Just because you may be home alone eating some ramen and you have to work tomorrow doesn’t mean you have to throw away Christmas. The day means a lot of different things to people, and whatever it means to you, know that it *is* a special day. MAKE it a special day.

Ack! My fingernail just came off!

Lil meme from Kirzen

What lowers *your* blood pressure? Make a list.

– Sunbathing, (either curled up on the rug in a beam or spread-eagled outside on the deck)
– Reading a book in a quiet cool spot.
– Lazily insulting television programming with a friend.
– Eating macaroni & cheese and drinking chocolate milk, indoors on a sunny afternoon.

And then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs:


Not much up t’day. Gonna go see Jamie after work and hang out. He claims he’s going to cook, and not ‘fake-cook’, so we’ll see. :KD