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Unicorn! And Anthrocon.

Found this fellow at Goodwill t’day, miraculously undamaged by all the rabid old women who paw through the bins at the place. My old panther statue will be wary for awhile, but I’m sure they’ll get along in time. :K)

Unicorn Statue


Anthrocon roll-call. Who’s going? Who wants to meet up at some point?

Unfortunately I won’t be at the main hotel this year, but I doubt that’ll prove to be much of a problem. In fact, I’m sure I’ll end up saving time by not-waiting-for-elevators!

If you want my cellphone number, let me know via comment, email or IM.

Public Advisory — Dayton Goodwill

I keep forgetting to do this. Swiftwing told me about it months ago.

Any of you ever donate to Goodwill? Have you put items in the clothing deposit boxes that aren’t clothes? Do you know what happens when you do that?

The non-clothing items are destroyed. Not just thrown away, *DESTROYED*. Swifty told me he’s seen cellphones new in their boxes, modern videogame consoles, jewelry, televisions, DVD players and more removed from the clothes in sorting, and placed in a crusher. Employees are not allowed to take any of these doomed items, because they belong to Goodwill. (Less significant but worth noting: Hats and belts are generally destroyed as well.)

Employees have tried to recommend these expensive goods be placed in a cart and rolled to where they should’ve gone in the first place, but apparently someone in authority is too lazy to make such a change. So these goods continue to be compacted every operating day to the tune of $10k a week.

Think about what this says about Goodwill. Fortunes in donations not just discarded, but irrevocably destroyed. True the goods were placed in the wrong receptacle, but so what? It becomes a matter of rolling one additional cart around now and then for a huge return. And yet…

I only hope that this isn’t SOP; that it’s isolated to the Dayton Goodwill sorting center.


Stopped at the Junk-Goodwill again this morning, and found another Nerf Ballzooka. As I was checking out, I looked across to the opposite register, and what do I see on the counter?

A Razorbeast,

and a Sawtooth

If I’d gotten there 20 minutes earlier, those could’ve been mine… They both run up over 30 bucks apiece on Ebay. Far more if their respective dart belt or clip is still present.

This makes me…

Watergun of DOOM

I’ve always enjoyed Supersoakers. It’s been years since I’ve played with one though. Trolling the bins at Goodwill last week I hauled this out from under a child’s carseat.


This thing is suitable for washing cars. I should know, I’ve given three a good rinse by now. At the highest setting, the stream is thicker around than my thumb, and empties the gun in three shots.

Mmmmmph…I shouldn’t, but I really want to adapt this thing to take CO2 canisters, and feed from a multi-gallon backpack. I’d go to marathons and busk. “Hose you for a dollar.”


I didn’t update yesterday, and missed a birthday. Happy birthday Bastian! I hope someone tied up your present nicely. Err, wrapped, I mean.

I have twenty days of school left, including finals. I have two papers to write, and two finals to take in that time. Not too bad, I should manage. I hope I pass French, and with a burst of hard work I should manage to.

Had a few more writing ideas lately. Just elements I’ll be able to integrate into future stories. Stuff like bathroom stall doors that are transparent, but turn opaque once latched. Never have to peek under the door again to make sure it isn’t occupied!

Found another cache of Nerf guns at Goodwill, including two of a model that shoots around corners. Yay! Also found an older Supersoaker (the green and purple Super Soaker 60 if anyone remembers that) that someone donated…with a full tank of water. 9,9 Well…I *hope* it was water.


Visited the thrift store on Saturday with Soltris. Found:
Police dome light’s dome
Polaroid Camera
Two old calculators
Plastic pirate skull with dangling eyeball (broken Halloween decoration looks like)
Deskjet 932C Printer (my model; my current printer no longer sucks ink from even brand new cartridges)
A large motor (Figured Dad might want it)
Chubby ceramic zebra
Starcraft strategy guides
A pirate-chest-looking jewelry box
A giant pair of tongs
Two weird dragon/lizard action figure things.

(I’m lucky Ebay isn’t a real physical store you can take a shopping cart around, or I’d be up to my eyeballs in both junk, and debt!)

So last night, someone with a misspelled version of Bill Gates in their username starts messaging me on AIM with nonsensical stuff. Real words, in real sentences, but none of it made any sense. I called it a bot when it refused to identify itself. Then someone else I didn’t know popped up a window and claimed I was trying to send them a file called virus_lol.exe. Now, I take pretty good care of my machine. Up to date AV software, firewall, and regular spyware scans. I’m fairly confident my machine isn’t anyone’s zombie. So I tell ’em I’m not sending anything. No response. Third window pops up, similar annoyed message telling me to stop sending files. I figure at this point it’s just one person messing with me, and I warn all three. One window swears at me for warning them. I block all three. Fourth window pops up. Fifth. Sixth. Warn-and-block, times three. 7th, 8th, 9th… I think 20 windows opened up before I disconnected the AIM connection on Trillian. All different screenames, but that last flood all had the same message. About half hour later (during which time I searched for a way to report these screenames to some kind of abuse department, only to find that as a free user of AIM I had no recourse *but* the warn/block system) I reconnected, and heard nothing from random people for the rest of the night.

Seriously, what the hell? Were they just messing with me at first, then got royally pissed when I actually retaliated with warnings? I’m not even sure that first person was related to the rest, but it’s an odd coincidence.