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My dear gwyph Lly bought me the box set of Firefly for Christmas, and I just watched the first disc last night.

Wow. Just, wow. It’s extremely rare that movies and television manage to surprise me, to throw me for a loop…but Firefly has managed it a couple times. You know that most ‘anti-heroes’ in movies really don’t come out looking like that bad a guy. Hudson Hawk? Those guys from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, or Snatch? The Italian Job, Oceans 11, etc? Sure they’re breaking the law, but otherwise they seem like nice fellas.

The lead on Firefly, essentially captain of a pirate ship, is not a nice fella. Yet you’ll still like him, because he’s damn likeable. :KD He crosses lines I’ve never seen someone cross in a series made for television. *cough*Crow*cough*

This Post Is Interesting!

Nah, it isn’t really. :K) I’m just updating from work, where I’ll be until six tonight. (Should be seven, but I’m bailing early to take my French workbook to school to turn in. I’ll stay an hour later on Friday to make up.)

I think maybe this evolved from a mistaken interpretation of the ’10 things I’ve done that you haven’t’ quiz, but maybe not, so here’s 10 things about me you may not know.


Saw UHF and The Life of Brian at Jamie Otterbein’s place last night. Warped! LoB was much more clever than I’d expected…I’ve been away from Monty Python too long.

Registered for two more classes, bringing my total up to a proper 12 credits. I added The Psychology of Gender (should be interesting) and weight lifting, which is another single credit course. Ahhm gun to pahmp uhp!

Llyander is sick with a terrible viral laryngitis. It hurts to hear hir in so much pain, (so imagine how much it must hurt for hir!) If any of you have experience with it and have suggestions to make hir feel less like shi’s gargling used needles, please speak up.

I’m typing this in computer class. 3 hours and 15 minutes more ’til I can split for home. This staying-at-school-til-9:15 p.m. thing sucks. Next quarter I’ll only be here ’til…6:45 I think. Much better.

I still need to make up my last math test. :K/ Computer test on Wednesday… No more tests in Philosophy until the final. Aaaaand I’m not really worried about French. Ought to start doing the homework though for that…(our prof only checks it at the end of the course.)

More internet drama amongst some folks on my friend’s list. The Internet: Serious Business. I’m tempted to remove some folks, but I haven’t had to do that yet, and I’d rather not. They have their reasons for watching my journal. I should give theirs a chance as well.


Day Three

As day three of the con winds down, (Well, for me anyways. There are plenty of room parties, and a dance still going on,) I find myself experiencing PPCD. Preemptive Post Con Depression. I’m already thinking, ‘oh god. After tomorrow, and the next day, the con is over and I have to go back to French tests, wind tunnel data conversion, and all the other mundanities I can tolerate only because I have to every single day. The con shows me what life is like for the people who are doing now, what I would have been doing at my out-of-state university if it hadn’t been Christian, and if I wasn’t such a dork.

I had plenty of fun today, though I didn’t catch up with any of our group until lunchtime. We had different things to see and do today, (i.e. Lly went to drink coffee with Alan Dean Foster, while I listened to Heather Burton’s second of three concerts.) I got to see Jace demonstrate some coloring techniques with markers, and heard Alan Dean Foster speak on character-building. (Not yours, your fictional creations.) We had lunch together with Chris Sawyer, (nice fellow!) and I met Jace finally. Distributed Japanese gummies to XianJaguar, Erin Middendorf, and…hmm, what’s the name of the artist that draws that porcupine-fox character, and all the femme cheesecake? Darn, why does that name escape me? (Anyways, they all seemed to like the gummies.)

I managed to get Gideon to deflower my first sketchbook with a beautiful non-anthro kitty. Thanks Gideon! I’m trying to get Jace and Yiffer to sketch something in there as well, but you know, it’s tough to pin either of them down. They’re *uber* busy. Observation: Artists don’t have nearly as much of a life at cons as the rest of us.

Went with Ionotter to see 2 The Ranting Gryphon and Timothy Albee. After 2’s routine though, Kage joined him, and some ridiculous improv resulted, culminating in both of them removing articles of clothing for money. (Shirts only. Even when the rating had been thrown out the window, they’re still of course, decent people. What? Why are you laughing?)

I’m feeling just a little melancholy as I type this…whether it’s because I’m dreading Tuesday, or whether I’m just a little blue we didn’t all stick together like glue today, I don’t know.

…I didn’t dance, when Ion went out to do so. DDR may have made me more fit for an attempt, but…it doesn’t give you any dancing ability. Many of course, were making fools of themselves on the dancefloor…but I couldn’t shed my inhibitions and join them in throwing social standards and dignity to the winds. I wish I could have. As I showered, I wondered what I was waiting for. The instant response came back, ‘to look good.’ Will I be more confident when I’ve lost the weight? Will I do these things I can’t bring myself to do now, because I imagine myself from a third-person perspective, lumbering on the dance floor or standing awkwardly in a corner at a room party I wasn’t invited to? Then I went a step further and assumed I did both of those, and met a nice girl. And what if she thought I might be fun to roll in the hay with for a night? Would I?
As I ran over my snap-responses to that, and the reasoning that followed to support them, I came to a conclusion. I’m messed up. I don’t know what I want. I’m a coward that refuses to make any solid stands morally or in general. Wishy-washy, reticent, self-centered.

Listen to me. I was the one joking last night that LJ’s downtime must have left tens of thousands with no outlet for their angst. And now here I am, spewing it. I’m sorry everyone. I should just be having fun, and quietly trying to change myself as I notice flaws and problems. I noticed that this time around, I’m not afraid of the fursuits. (I’ve been shy of costumers since Disneyworld or Chuckie Cheese, when I was six or so.) At Anthrocon last year I tried to conquer this fear…and made progress. Here at FC, I can’t help but grin at the fursuiters, and get the urge to just glomp them! Well, the *good* fursuits. The half-assed ones aren’t nearly as hug-provoking. And the very-impressive armored ‘suiters (a dragon and a rat I’ve seen so far) are awesome, but not huggable. :K)
So that’s one small shift that I’m very happy to note in myself.

Lly, Alex, Razor, if you read this before we all split up, don’t worry. I’m trying. I’m doing pretty well. I’m just not very good at being social, haven’t had too much practice. The only social skills I learned in school were how to avoid people’s eyes when walking down halls. 9,9 It’s wonderful being with you three, you’re a lot of fun, and I’m not going to be dry-eyed when we part.

FC, arrival

I arrived safely, and my trip was quite comfortable! My seat neighbor on the flight to Atlanta was a tiny Chinese man, so I had plenty of leg and elbow room. The flight from there to San Jose was even better! No one showed up to fill the other two seats in my row! And I seemed to be the only person on the plane in that situation… It was quite nice.

Now I’m using Dana’s computer to type this up. Free internet in the rooms, thanks to some repairs the hotel is doing at the moment after some minor flooding. Umm, I’m registered. Shaun and John are great fun, and Dana’s a very interesting guy. I saw Greg t’day, but no one else I really know, yet. Oh, I did see Cy_Canine briefly.

I still don’t know what Alan Dean Foster looks like…there was a huge screen of furs-heading-for-food between him and me. Ah well!
Trying to pick out the panels to attend tomorrow. The number of panels is staggering… AC’s programming pales beside what they’ve got lined up. Sheesh!

I picked up this so-beautifully-soft brown and white plushie at a local store today. It’s gorgeous, and feels like angora or something, though I’m sure it’s synthetic. Now all I need are a tiger, jaguar, and snow leopard to complete my favorite-animals-I’m-likely-to-find-as-plushies collection. (I don’t expect to ever find a good gryphon, otter, dragon, or fox plushie.)

I’m a bit worried Shaun isn’t having much fun. I hope he’s just tired. *hugs the weary gryph*


I suppose most of you heard about the tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people around the Indian ocean. We saw it on the news, just before putting on a movie. The Day After Tomorrow. We made a poor choice of movie, I think we all realized, as the cinematic disaster blended with the real-world news to create a very bleak picture of our immediate future as a species. *shudder*

In other news, my attempt to use vinyl dye on the toy ghost trap—failed. The dye failed to bond with much of the trap, instead forming a film. I’ll need to thoroughly wash the trap and try again, then touch up with model paint.

Staying home today to help the folks receive my Aunt Patty and my two cousins, Megan and Chrissy. Interesting trio. Patty’s the former wife of my father’s brother, been divorced for a loooong time now. Megan was a figure-skater as a child, and Chrissy a dancer. They’re both kind of spoiled. 9,9

Still cold here, very much so. I wish I knew where my sweatshirts had gone. o,o

Lly called me again last night, and we had a nice chat about Christmas, Russian mp3 sites, and such. I guess I really need to speak up on the phone to be sure shi can hear me. I’ve had an aversion to phones since my time in the dorms at college in Michigan. My first roomie was a lifeguard, and the phone was ringing almost 24/7 for him. I began to hate phones. But having Lly call is certainly a reason to get a phone down in the basement again.