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Stumble Upon took me to a site with free vidoes/movies/documentaries linked from googlevideo and other such sites. Y’know what I found?

Now that was a trippy flashback. It’s kind of entertaining to note how the video made no attempt to explain what damage drugs inflicted on the brain, and the lungs? They weren’t even mentioned. Whether that was to keep kids interested or just because the writers didn’t have any solid information to work from, I dunno. :KD It’s also kind of odd that only one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle makes an appearance. Were the rest of the voice actors too good to participate? o,O Eeesh.

My textbook bill came to only 50 bucks for this coming quarter. Woot!

Thoughts on Silent Hill

Lly, I forgot my phone today, sorry. x,x

I saw Silent Hill on Saturday. I’ve never played the games, so I really had no expectations going into the theatre.

First of all, I must say for the record that I loathe the actress who played the lead. She was very artificial and stilted. The cop chick (although really hawt) was also less than stellar with her line delivery. Everyone else? No real complaints.

The ‘ash babies’ were the first thing that disturbed me. They were horrible, twisted, mewling things that swarmed the protagonist. They staggered and lurched (which is very different from the Zombie Shuffle).

Then the armless, melted-looking creature. The way it moved made me sick. The slimy-corpse look to its skin…the pulsing wound in its chest, its featureless face… Horrible.

Pyramid head was *mundane* in comparison, and didn’t disturb me nearly as much. He moved a bit oddly as well, dragging those enormous weapons. He seemed to warp the reality around him.

The real-world-as-flesh sloughing off the walls and fixtures when the air-raid siren went off was horrific too. The horrible wet slapping sound as chunks of that flesh hit the floor…

The mineshaft was disturbing too, especially when you knew it was a shaft down to the basement of the hospital where the girl resided. Had nothing to do really with the real coal mine.

The nurses were a little creepy, with the feminine high-pitched sounds they made and the awful bone-crackings their movements created. When I saw them all start to move as a group though, I couldn’t help but think they were about to bust out into The Time Warp, or maybe a Britney Speares dance. 9,9

This movie disturbed me. The images will probably stick with me a long time, and I’d rather not have them. I don’t recommend anyone see this film, just so they don’t have to carry those images with them. They really were like monsters torn from someone’s VERY vivid nightmares. I don’t think I’m capable of imagining such horrible things, with my conscious OR subconscious mind. It’s horrific to think that a child was the source for such hellish, distorted things.

Now and then something like this happens. I’ll see something I truly wish I never had. Hellraiser had some of that. Even the game Diablo had a bit of it, (the Butcher’s lair, for instance.) Just some hint, some taste of hell that I didn’t want locked in my skull. It’s beyond the brand of fun that comes with being scared, and edges into the kind of imagery that although some may consider it art…I consider it the creation of a mind that is broken. Damaged. Haunted. I won’t see it again. If I start having nightmares about it… I’m going to be pissed. I certainly don’t want to play the game, because I don’t feel like disturbing myself any further.


Still been feeling blah. Saw Narnia finally, at Swiftwing’s place this past weekend. I was…appeased, but not really impressed. I was particularly disappointed with the minotaur, the wolves, and the armor used by the satyrs/centaurs/children. I expected far better work from the folks who worked on LOTR. Aslan looked okay, the gryphons *were* indeed cute, and the voice actor for the fox reminded me of Garr for some reason. :KD

I’m just trying to get through this week right now… I’m feeling run-down and used up. I should probably unplug my computer for a couple weeks and catch up on stuff I should be working on.

Tank Girl, WoW costumes

I just watched Tank Girl this morning, while not-sleeping. Who remembers this guy?

Such a fun movie.

For all you WoW players: Rate from 1-5 (One being ‘You sir, are a stupid nerd’ and five being ‘I will sell my colon to science to own this.’) how cool it would be to own a quality outfit of WoW clothes/equipment? A friend recently proposed I collaborate with him and his sewing-master mother in making costumes. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to have one of these for LART-purposes?


My dear gwyph Lly bought me the box set of Firefly for Christmas, and I just watched the first disc last night.

Wow. Just, wow. It’s extremely rare that movies and television manage to surprise me, to throw me for a loop…but Firefly has managed it a couple times. You know that most ‘anti-heroes’ in movies really don’t come out looking like that bad a guy. Hudson Hawk? Those guys from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, or Snatch? The Italian Job, Oceans 11, etc? Sure they’re breaking the law, but otherwise they seem like nice fellas.

The lead on Firefly, essentially captain of a pirate ship, is not a nice fella. Yet you’ll still like him, because he’s damn likeable. :KD He crosses lines I’ve never seen someone cross in a series made for television. *cough*Crow*cough*

Movies, Madness, Marbles.

Amityville Horror creeped me out. Far more than The Ring could ever hope to do to me. *shudder*

Stealth was silly, but fun to watch. EDI was a neat prop, lots of LEDs. :KD

I’m missing the cords to my Xbox. o,O I went searching through my brother’s room to see if he had them, and found a whole stack of games he’d apparently just stolen out of my room at some point. I’d been looking for Starcraft for ages, and he’s had it all this time. The brat claims I let him borrow them. 9,9

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, to see if I’ll be diagnosed with ADD.

Thinkin’ about buying some white military dress uniform gloves and making Alucard’s (of the Hellsing anime) gloves…both for myself and for sale.

Gathering at Tigerwolf’s

Jamie and I attended a dinner and movie at Tigerwolf’s place, along with a smattering of other furs like Packrat (forgive me if I spelled it differently than you do,) Raven, and some others whose names I never got. Eris/Aeris was one I think.

Anyways, we went to dinner at some kind of buffet place. Tigerwolf treated us all, and whatever he paid, it was too much. That place sucked. x,x The service was great, but the food was meh and the selection was what-the-hell. After golden corral, all other buffets look like the potluck of a four-member bridge club.

We returned to TW’s, and watched Orgazmo. If you haven’t seen it…well, you’re still pure in at least that respect. For those who have seen it… Hee. After that there was a lot of weird conversation, albeit entertaining. I stayed until past 4 a.m. then headed home before I grew too tired to drive. I got lost on the way back, not recognizing a very familiar turn. Twice. 9,9


I just got through watching Fightclub again, and thought I’d ruminate about violence for a moment.

I’d say that I’m not a violent person. I don’t like confrontations; they make me sick to my stomach. Sure I get angry… I have ridiculous road rage. (If only the soccer moms and disabled senior citizens driving in front of me five under the speed limit could hear the things I shout at them…) And in a world without legal consequences, I don’t think I’d have any compunction to shooting out the tires of bad/reckless drivers.

But to hurt *them*, myself? To smash my car into theirs, get out of my car, pull them out of theirs, and beat the living tar out of them? I think it’s beyond me.

That doesn’t prevent me from enjoying violence-fantasies. Practically every geek on the planet has wanted to be Neo at some point, shooting lots of guns and throwing punches that shatter concrete. Many of us collect weapons, from our era and times past, as if by possessing them we might gain back a flicker of the warrior spirit that used to dwell in so many of us.

Nowadays if someone periodically hurts or kills others, they’re fed into a system aimed towards driving the rage and violence out of them, to make them another quiet little cog in society. The violent people in our prison systems today are the soldiers who fought our wars centuries ago. Today they’re not needed. We turn from that ‘ugly’ side of our nature…deny it, shun it, lock it away. But you know that spirit dwells in us.

Why else would we watch what we do on television and in movie theaters? Why would we play the games we do, and shoot each other with infared beams or paintballs? We are creatures of violence. Even if we are pasty and fat, the flicker’s still there.

Will we evolve out of this fascination for carnage? Will we stop enjoying holding tools of murder in our hands? (Why *is* a gun so comfortable to hold? Why do we enjoy swinging a sword more than a baseball bat?) Or will it always be with us, and we’ll just keep finding more realistic ways to simulate the killing and destruction that lives in the reptile parts of our brains?

Our laws keep the strong from dominating the weak. The weak survive to reproduce, when nature would have it another way. I don’t believe nature should have its way, (I’d soooo be naturally selected!) but it’s undeniable that it has caused problems. Disease. Old people hooked up to machines to survive for another day of…sitting there hooked up to machines. Couples that couldn’t be bothered to use protection living off government money to support their six kids. (Not a racist statement. I don’t care if you’re a redneck honky or an African American, or whatever. If you can’t support a kid on your income, much less FOUR, learn how to use a condom or start trying anal sex!) I’ve met a man who tried to kill his baby daughter in the hospital, just a few days after she was born. The mother is a beaten, submissive wreck with missing teeth and a marginal IQ. Guess what? That couple had their children returned to them by the government, after a foster family (mine) raised them for two years. (During that time, the mother got pregnant yet again.)

I do believe every life is unique and ought to be preserved… But there are a *lot* of assholes out there who ought to be beaten within an inch of their lives, if that’s what it takes to drive the assholeishness out. Some days, I meet or see someone who by my standards (and I’m a fairly tolerant guy with no particular enmity towards any specific people group, religion, etc.) should die, and I just want to go ahead and do it. Sure I’ll go to jail. But at least I’ve removed that person from the world, and saved people a lot of potential suffering.

Ionotter showed me one of those people when he pointed out a videoclip of a large man beating a much, much smaller man in a pizza parlor…while no one lifted a finger to intervene. He was a grown version of a schoolyard bully who had never been taken to task properly for exceeding accepted societal tolerances. Such disregard for other people…such lack of empathy… There’s a human whom the village should stone to death.

This has kind of wandered all over… I’m just struck by the duality of myself when it comes to violence, and the larger reflected duality of us all over the same thing. We are so immature. We don’t know ourselves, we can’t deal with our children, and the few voices of sanity and maturity we have are drowned out by football games, bloodthirsty news anchors, and commercials for luxury automobiles.