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Nerf Vulcan lowdown

Okay, here’s the deal.  The Nerf Vulcan exceeds all expectations.

Ranges: 30-40 feet unmodded, on single fire and automatic.
Rate of fire: 2-3 shots per second on fresh batteries.
Ammunition:  Belts of 25 darts that can be connected to each other with a few minutes work.

Includes:  Removable tripod, removable ammo hopper.
The ‘Value pack’ includes another ammo chain, 25 more darts, and a shoulder strap in addition to the above.

Requires 6 D-cell batteries.

The internals are complicated, but with photo references, it should be relatively easy to remove the gun’s air restricter, boosting range by ten feet or so.   Here’s the forum thread with the first look inside the Vulcan.  http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12391

If you’d prefer the gun to be smaller, the front of the gun can be removed by unscrewing a screw or two.  Word is though, the gun is uncomfortable to hold without that front handle.  The grip is a bit too small for adult male hands.  The trigger is too big for one finger, slightly too small for two.

At the Hasbro website, http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByCategory.htm?CD=121&BR=582&ST=SO&ID=22379&PG=1  you can order the Vulcan, and it is being shipped now.  Someone has already received theirs, after ordering this past Tuesday.  You can get free shipping (if your order exceeds 50 bucks) by using the code SUMFS at checkout.  If you wait a few more days, the refill packs for the Vulcan should become available, giving you an easy way to get up to the 50 dollar mark.  You can always use more darts, after all!

This will be my last post about the Vulcan until I get my hands on my own.  :K)

2nd Nerf Vulcan Found

Another Nerf Vulcan has been found in Denver Colorado. The guy posted about it in the Nerfhaven forum here, http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12359

He cut off a big portion of the front of the gun, something we call ‘minimizing.’ He claims the front is just empty plastic that serves no purpose, and sawing it off makes the gun a little less unwieldy. But, c’mon, did you have to carve up the gun so soon after buying it?

He also removed the air restrictors from the dart belts. He’s been a total ass about things in the forums overall, and provided very little concrete info. Meh, it’ll be a moot point in a week or two.

If you’re a digger, please digg my head’s up about Jamie’s Vulcan pics. I’m pissed that we scooped Gizmodo and Digg by at least a week and went totally overlooked.


If you want to order one yourself from the Hasbro website instead of waiting ’til Walmart gets them, go here.

Office Nerf War Video

Pulled this from Gizmodo,


Truly epic office Nerf war. Possibly a viral video plant to advertise the Nerf Vulcan, (since no one has them yet barring American Gladiators and the families of Hasbro employees I’m sure, damn their rotten souls) but so what. It’s sweet.

Nerf Vulcan cannon

You know, if I wasn’t such a Nerf nut I’d be getting worried about Nerf’s latest innovations. The Longshot was rather dangerous looking. The Nerf Recon was a further step toward real-life-mimicking weapons. Now we have this,
a belt-fed battery-powered monster of a Nerf gun. It fires sonic darts instead of the streamline darts that the Longshot and Recon adopted. I read one eyewitness’s account of the gun at the toy fair that claims its range is pretty good. Apparently American Gladiators is tied in with this thing somehow…perhaps using the gun in one of its segments?

Nerf Vulcan

Nerf Vulcan, rear


What I’m puzzled about is that it has a charging bolt like the Longshot, suggesting a spring firing mechanism. So what’re the batteries for? Just to advance the belt? 6 D cell batteries seem a bit much just for that…