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Yellow Springs Trip

I paid a visit to Yellow Springs today, which is sort of the closest thing my area has to a hippie-town. Awesome book stores, interesting boutiques, and the expected head/healthfood shops.

I saw this in a store that specializes in small sculptures, jewelry, and semiprecious stones.
I immediately thought of Tugrik. More for the build of this fine creature than for the number of horns, obviously. :K)

Yellow Springs Bicorn Statue

Here are a few other neat shots from the outing.

Yellow Springs Bowl
Yellow Springs Statue
Yellow Springs Sculptures

Two flown the nest.

We’ve been holding a garage sale the last couple of days, and giving away kittens at the same time. Duke, the affectionate lanky black cat and Cheeky, the rambunctious likes-to-climb-your-back cat were both adopted by a family and taken home to be barn cats. Good luck, kittens… I hope you live out your days in vermin-chasing happiness.


Kitten: Cheeky

Birthdays and Air Force Museum Photos

Happy birthday to GraveyardGreg, and Teaselbone! I hope you both have spectacular days that start languorously late and end on a note of pure contentment.


In other news, I paid a visit to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force base on Saturday, and took nearly 400 pics. I’ve put up some of the best here, http://flickr.com/photos/animakitty/sets/72157610849079256/

For those of you who may be interested in more photos of things like bomb sights, engines, missiles, rocket boosters, space capsules etc. let me know, and I’ll make a bunch more available to ya. They’re nice hi-res pics, thanks to the new camera I picked up a few months ago.

Here’s one of my favorite pics from the visit. It’s a mockup of a ‘training mishap.’ Note the slightly-amused mechanics giving each other significant looks while the trainee is getting bawled out by his C.O.

Air Force Museum, A Flight Mishap