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The Weekend in Brief

Not much to report. Soltris, Jamie, and Swiftwing visited my place on Saturday. Soltris got me started on online-casino stuff. Jamie just provided insults, and random shootings. Swiftwing got to play some Black & White 2, and showed me Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Being the emperor is entertaining).

Jamie, Swiftwing and I saw the new Pirates movie at the drive-in on Friday. It rained! Damn. But despite that, we got the jist of the film. Good stuff. Kraken=Scary.

Sunday, just hung out with Swiftwing, didn’t do much. He polished my Sephiroth sword for me, and it looks much nicer now. :K)

I’m here at work early t’day, for a mandatory meeting we just finished with. Our office is scheduled for inspection, so we’re all having to clean up our acts. 9,9