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Ray guns?

This Christmas, give your loved ones the gift that’s practical and brimming with nostalgic beauty… Ray Guns!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


How can you go wrong with a model named the ‘Manmelter’? I love this site! It’s a riot, and their work is intricate and gorgeous. I wonder how many they’ve sold though…?

Cheap video card

Another techie-junk alert. Do you have a PCI-express-supporting motherboard? Do you have an older or underpowered videocard?
Here you go. 159 bucks for lots of pipelines. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102688&CMP=BAC-tbcpc

A review of it.
Some pretty charts.

Only problem is, those of us who need better video cards probably don’t have PCI-express. x,x Still, it’s possible. This is the videocard that made me rather upset about buying the one I did a few weeks ago. I bought the low-end model of ATI’s newest line of cards, and this x850 older card beats the pants off of it. Reviews show that this card performs as well as Nvidia’s Geforce 6800 Ultra, a card that costs *at cheapest* 100 bucks more than the x850.

10 buck power supply

I know a lot of you have been having computer problems lately, and some of those may stem from having an underpowered PSU in your system. Techbargains had this for me today,


It’s overpriced at $99.99, but there are two mail-in rebates, one for 50 bucks and the other for 40. And shipping is free. I’ve eyed this particular model for awhile, (the big appeal of this one is that the cords are modular. You can plug and unplug them from the PSU) but I’m kind of broke at the moment. I hope someone finds this useful, :K)

*EDIT* Apparently, this PSU got a terrible review. Buy at your own risk, o,O I personally recommend PC Power & Cooling power supplies, because those consistently rate extremely high among other PSUs. (They’re more expensive, but worth the investment.)



(Stolen from Rozberk) This…is just funny. http://www.askaninja.com/

This one in particular made me cubicle-laugh. (That is, doubled over silently in supressed hilarity.)

And on a stupid whim, I bought a new video card. The Radeon x1300 Pro. Why? Because there was a 20 dollar rebate on it. That ends tomorrow. I looked at some reviews, found ’em more favorable than not (for the price-range the card caters to) and Newegged it. Then I saw Tom’s Hardware review. ….Crud. According to their extensive charts, the x1300 is stomped on by hardware over a year old. MRPH! At least I determined it will be a *slight* improvement over my current Radeon 9600XT. Are any of you woefully behind with your graphics card? Lemme know, if you don’t mind secondhand electronics.

Kmart treasure!

Last night Jamie, Soltris, Raeth and I cruised by two Kmarts looking for the elusive Buzz Bee Doubleshot air blaster rifle. We didn’t find a single one, though they had other (crappy) Buzz Bee air blasters in stock. I bought a value pack of four blasters with the vague thought of painting them, but looking at them, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

Then today as we headed home from Mom’s birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant, we stopped by a third Kmart. Paydirt! They had four Doubleshots on the shelves, so I scooped them all up (along with two older versions of the Nerf Nitefinder. The difference is the old version’s spring is more powerful, and the darts that fly out of these things *sting* when they hit you! The latest revision is underpowered.)

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It’s so much easier to buy yourself stuff when you intend to sell it later for a profit, but inbetween you get to play with it. :KD


Stress. Blargh. At least my journal is prettier now… Go take a peek.

I walked around Walmart to kill some time last night, and bought a bunch of toys. A 6 LED head lamp,

A BB gun, and a laser sight intended for use on BB guns. (Instead, I’ll mount it on one of my Nerf guns. Yes, I’m silly.) I’ve never owned a BB gun before, but I’m enjoying the cheap one I bought. (Marksman brand, I think. 17 bucks or so.) I shot some of Soltris’s trees with it last night, waiting for him to get home.

Hmm. Video card bargains

For those of you who’d like to upgrade your video card but haven’t been able to scrape together 200 bucks… Here are some refurbished cards available for quite a bit less than I’m used to seeing them go for.


Or if you wanted to spend a little more…There’s the ATI 9800 Pro ALL IN WONDER card (it has a built in tv tuner and stuff) for 156 bucks after coupon. This is a ridiculously low price for this card…a 100 dollar drop since the last time I’ve seen it.


Cheap upgrade

If any of you are thinking of upgrading your system a bit, this here is a nice deal…


You get a Athlon 2900+ processor with a nice motherboard, for 80 bucks after rebates. The processor *alone* is usually at least 100 dollars. Decide before the 31st, or you won’t get the rebates.