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Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ suit on eBay

This is very impressive, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180436488073

It has fans, red LEDs for the mask portholes, and the drill actually spins. The shoes provide some lift, so you’d be appropriately tall if you’re at least somewhere in the neighborhood of 6′ already.

Go here for the build process blog, http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/2009/09/big-daddy-bioshock.html

Most recent entry here has a nice gallery from a photo-shoot they did at an aquarium for the proper atmosphere. http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/

Judge Dredd Costume Auction

o,O I was browsing images on Profiles In History’s website (apparently they auction off movie props/costumes among other things) and I found they’re auctioning a male Judge and female Judge costume. Asking price? 200-300 bucks.


Surely one of you could afford that. You’d be fixed for Halloween forever!


My sister and her family are back in Tanzania, having been in the US for my brother-in-law’s father’s funeral. My niece is a violent little thing. I tried to teach her that if she was mean to me, I would start ignoring her. Unfortunately being ignored just meant she hit me harder. Kids. Sheesh.

I finally upgraded the RAM in my old HP Pavilion laptop, after finding a good deal on the memory here: 4alldeals.com I can’t recommend the site however, as they shipped the RAM in a flat cardboard mailer (the kind with no corrugation) with no padding of any kind. Anti-static bags, and a sliver’s-width of cardboard. That is NOT how you ship electronics. Luckily the RAM works, and now I can open the start menu or Firefox and not have to wait minutes for a response.

Won this on Ebay last week,

So I’m much closer to having the parts to craft screen-accurate Ectogoggles. I just need custom machined lenses now, *sobs*

At some point I need to get myself a mini metal lathe.

Help me out!

After cleaning up my room and finding my proton pack parts again, my interest is rekindled in the project.

I ask you, my readers and friends, to take a look at the pictures in this Flickr set.

These are the knobs on the proton pack’s wand, and the ghost trap. If you’ve seen these anywhere before (or even know where to obtain them) PLEASE let me know.

Most of these have never been identified. Many were probably custom-machined, but it’s possible that a few are found parts. Keep in mind that a lot of the parts used for Ghostbusters props were industrial/electronic/pneumatic parts from the 1970’s and 80’s.

The rectangular knobs in this picture in particular http://flickr.com/photos/animakitty/2539289350/ look like they may’ve been slider knobs on a sound board.

I’ve seen knobs like these http://flickr.com/photos/animakitty/2538467297/ on old cameras, but nothing that’s an exact match.

Additionally, if any of you know a local place where old electronics and such are sold, I can give you a list of stuff to look out for. The prop community pays quite a bit for some hard-to-find bits.

Prop Shopping List

In building several props, I’ve come up with a list of parts I still need. If you have access to anything below or know a good place to purchase ’em, let me know? Some of these things are so scarce, they’ve been evading prop-builders for *years*.

Nycoil Banjo tips: part #55020 in the Nycoil catalogs. Nycoil doesn’t sell to private parties, only companies, and I haven’t been able to find a distributor who carries these things. Also, the modern version is nickel, not accurate for my purposes.

Alkon AQ68-P Connector

Foster Quick Connects. It’s really made up of two parts. The #B22-2 Plug, and the #2022 Socket.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Raytheon Crank Knob: Can you believe these things retail for 65 bucks and more? The one I need is 1-1/4″, and gray and black are both acceptable.

Paterson RC Print Squeegee (mfg part # 255) It’s 13 5/8” long by 3” wide.

Dental Expansion Screws: Made by Glenross. The correct style is the large screw, not the spring tension model.

CASIO MQ-1 Pocket Calculator:

Texas Instruments Exactra 20 calculator:

U.S. Divers/Aqua-Lung scuba tank harness called the KAM “EZ” PAK. Width: 2 3/16″
Length: 2 3/16″ Thickness : 1/2″


46 series Hengstler counter

Kobold camera flash

1972 Fire Extinguisher Dispersion Nozzle

Graflex 3-cell camera flash
The reflector dish isn’t necessary.

Paterson Chemical Stir Stick

Sterling Arms Mk4/L2A3 Submachine Gun (Doesn’t have to be functional at all, just intact!)

WWI British rifle grenade, the No. 3 Mk. 1
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

SPAS 12 Shotgun cage and pump handle (Yeah, I know, I’m dreamin’)

Remington M870 Shotgun parts
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

M1-A1 Thompson parts (Even Airsoft would work)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Beretta 92FS (Airsoft)

Redman Orbital scrubber/furniture polisher ’78

(I have less information about the items below)

Kango 426 Rotary-Hammer drill casing

“Hama” German slide viewer

Hama Release Timer

Jobo “Laboratory Lamp” minilight light meter (part number 6415)

It’s also for my own reference. Items in the list above composed props from Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and Aliens. Some are more obvious than others, ;K)

Movies, Madness, Marbles.

Amityville Horror creeped me out. Far more than The Ring could ever hope to do to me. *shudder*

Stealth was silly, but fun to watch. EDI was a neat prop, lots of LEDs. :KD

I’m missing the cords to my Xbox. o,O I went searching through my brother’s room to see if he had them, and found a whole stack of games he’d apparently just stolen out of my room at some point. I’d been looking for Starcraft for ages, and he’s had it all this time. The brat claims I let him borrow them. 9,9

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, to see if I’ll be diagnosed with ADD.

Thinkin’ about buying some white military dress uniform gloves and making Alucard’s (of the Hellsing anime) gloves…both for myself and for sale.