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I have to wish Starian2006 happy birthday t’day. Go eat something rare and forbidden!

The most exciting news of the day: My friend Jamie was robbed at gunpoint today at the gas station where he works. …Eek. Then he had to work the other 12 hours of a 16 hour shift. Not a good Monday for the otter. x,x If you see him around, send him hugs and pettable foxes.

The least exciting weekend evar: I’m cleaning my room. I’ve been cleaning it for two days. Since I’m using my bed as a sorting table, I haven’t slept in it all weekend. Oh well, at least my den will be navigable again!

This LJ post brought to you by the letter G, fallback of obsolete wiggers everywhere.


Happy birthday Geemo. I hope your mom pulls right through this.

I cleaned my room last night. It’s so nice to see my floor again…and be able to walk in straight lines again instead of weaving around piles of various…things. This was a floor-clearing exercise instead of true cleaning though… Boxes were filled that need sorting later, bookshelves were stuffed a bit fuller, and a bunch of stuff got bagged for trash day. I would’ve put stuff under my bed too, but there’s already a bunch of crap there from the *last* time I cleaned my den. x,x

It’s sick how much Nerf ammunition I found while cleaning. I may have a problem. O,O

cchuber posted this link, http://stadium.weblogsinc.com/joystiq/videos/e306/JoystiqE3_Spore.mov of another Spore demonstration at E3. Robin Williams steps in the last quarter of the video to try out creature-creation, and blathers on amusingly during the process. Huge file, but I’ll take all the looks at Spore I can get. And adding Williams to the mix? …Thank you universe. o,O (They talk to Robin a bit afterwards, and find out he’s an avid gamer. Halo, Black & White, various FPS’s… There’s a fair chance you may’ve played against him online at some point!)

Our dwelling places.

Our bedrooms say a lot about us, I think. So if you want, make your own post with pictures of your bedroom, and any specific trinkets or nooks you think we’d like to see.

My own room was recently a disaster area, but I’ve been cleaning and rearranging it all weekend. *Warning, extremely photo-heavy. Duh.* The results are enclosed

Here’s a nice shot of my room at the height of awfulness. My bed was disassembled at the time… That huge wooden box with wheels is meant to house a synthesizer keyboard, but I’ve been keeping my swords in it.
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Horrible mess. Awful. Blah. Seeing it through the eyes of someone trying to clean it, I don’t know how I lived with it as long as I did.
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This is the room as it stands now. Stuff’s been moved around, and the floor is almost clean! And the counter…well, that’s on my to-do list.
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Here’s the habitable half of the room! :KD I transposed the positions of the bed and computer stuff. My desks used to sit at the foot of my bed, but I found that sitting on a mattress for extended periods kills your back. So back to using a conventional chair! A…peach-colored…conventional…armchair. 6,6
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Here’s where I sleep. And being the lazy cat I am, I sleep a lot. Stuffed animals everywhere, yay. They’re not the ideal bed companion, but they’re far better than an empty bed. Represented are lions, panthers, leopards, horses, huskies, and dolphins. I have yet to get my hands on a nice big tiger plushie, a fox, snow leopard, wolf, or dragon. Someday!
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Anyone wondering what I see when I’m typing to you, well…this is it these days. My rig is far from a powerhouse, but it’s modern enough to let me play most games. I’d like to replace my monitor with a LCD one, (the current monitor is about thirty pounds!) but I’m holding off for now. Pay no attention to the irony of a package of cookies and a canister of Slim Fast in the same frame. The peach armchair used to be Trickster’s, by the way. :K)
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The top of my dresser. When the room’s all put back together, there’ll be a pyramid of beaniebabies up here instead. Hmm, what’s that odd box under the dolphin bank? Let’s look inside…
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Larger images here, because I want to make sure the detail is preserved. This is my little treasure chest… A box from Tanzania mailed home to me from my sister. I filled it with a portion of my gemstone collection.
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And in a little secret compartment…a warp crystal to Aquaria! No, it’s another semi-precious stone. Beneath it are a bunch of bullets I removed from a rifle discarded on our lawn by a drunken coon-hunter a few years ago. I decided it’d be best to return the weapon to him unloaded when he returned for it a day later. (I did shoot it once though, in the backyard before anyone else knew about the rifle. First time I ever fired a gun.)
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This is practically the computer chop shop. The systems you see here were rescued from curbs around town. I have four 15″ monitors, two Windows 95 systems, one Windows 98 system, and some crazy busted rig with a Russian BIOS. If anyone local (or anyone coming to Anthrocon or Morphicon next year) can use any of this stuff, let me know! And yes, that’s a Boba Fett helmet atop the printer paper. I got it from Asmo before he moved to Colorado. I should enhance the paint job and replace the flimsy visor…
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This bookcase represents a portion of the material I like to read. Most of my fantasy/sci-fi novels are in the other bookcase. This one contains my comicbooks, graphic novels, old textbooks and my DVD collection. I’ve saved money whereever possible assembling this mess. My semi-local used bookstore is a wonderful place to grab DVDs for five bucks apiece.
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The fire extinguisher box! Soltris and Arcturax were with me when I found this thing at Mendelson’s. I’m going to mask off the handle and windows, and paint it up…then put some green lights inside and call it a cryogenic chamber. Why? Because I can. It makes a nice storage bin too.
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A print I acquired at the very first art auction I’d ever been to, at the very first convention I’d ever attended: Millenicon, a smallish local sci-fi con.
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A nifty poster I found at Alco’s. 9,9 Rawr!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A big cabinet filled with assorted junk. Videotapes, computer junk, more textbooks, folders of papers I vaguely thought I should keep… I’m a packrat I suppose.
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Well I’m sure that was mind-numbingly boring. I hope your rooms are more interesting!

Meh. I should be in bed.


I finally saw that ‘Robots’ movie, and though it was frequently predictable, it was still *fun*. I don’t understand why it didn’t do well in theatres…

Of course Robin Williams managed to do
a) weird voices
b) women’s voices and
c) Crossdress. As a robot, he still managed it.

The main character bears a striking resemblance to megaman, and Robin’s character, ‘Fender’, is kinda dangerously close to a certain robot named Bender. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I can’t sleep. My room is in shambles right now while I reorganize. Parts of my bed are strewn across twenty feet of basement. Books, Nerf gun parts, costume bits, DVDs and computer parts are stacked in bins while I shuffle book cases and cabinets around. I have too much stuff! But isn’t that the conclusion always reached when one is forced to relocate all their junk?

Clean room!

I cleaned up my room today, and it’s nice to see my carpet again. I found a few things I’d been missing, so that’s always good. Threw out a bunch of crap, reducing the mass of junk in my room, also *definitely* a good thing.

I found:

Star Trek collectible cards
Assorted CDs
My dice bag
A plastic gecko
Around 5.00 in loose change
A secret service-style earpiece
A package of ramen
A seashell (stepped on it)


Interesting to read what my friends are up to… :K)
Work was pretty dull. Weekend! Whee! And next weekend, another furry coffee/food meet. Coolies.
Apparently Dad wants to build a counter down here in my basement room…so I can work on my computers in comfort. It might happen, who knows. Rented Daredevil, I’ll watch it sometime tomorrow. Played Suikoden 2 for awhile…I’m kinda lost. This one is quite a bit less linear than the first.

Mewp. I want snuggles.