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In which Anima has a job interview, and gets a gold star on a paper.

I had a job interview at the Dayton Daily News today.  Cross your fingers for me, will you folks?  Scoring this job would lift quite a weight from my shoulders.

I got my eight page paper back from my Dickinson/Whitman class today: a nice solid A!   The professor even used my paper as an example to the class, taking an hour to read it through and explain each and every comment/correction.  …Not bad for a paper I did in the 9 hours before it was due.  (My first thesis flopped when my research didn’t pan out.  I had to improvise at the last minute.)

Looks like I’ll graduate on a high note.  I doubt much could prevent me from getting an A in both my classes this quarter. 

In other news, animal crackers still rock.


So…how *you* doin’?

I’m not dead, I’m just busy. Or exhausted. Mom’s been in the hospital again, having a hernia-repair done. There were some fumbles with her blood thinning meds, and then with her antibiotics, when one gave her ‘Red man syndrome.’ The symptoms? Your face grows very red, a fever develops, and everyone freaks out. 9,9

Then her gallbladder started acting weird after the surgery. The docs don’t want to go back in so soon, so…they waited to make sure it wasn’t going to tear her apart from within (okay, more like, ‘make her digestive system pout and quit working’) and sent her home. Tonight’s her first night home in a week.

Meanwhile, I’m busy with school and work. Two of my classes are very heavy on reading, and I’ve been barely keeping up with that. I’ve been playing fast and loose with my schedule at work to get in my hours (eventually) and still make it to class. Gonna have to talk with the boss about new hours.

My spirits are okay. I’m bummed every time I remember Jamie (a local fur-friend) is leaving the state, but he’s around a bit longer. Have fun with the otter while the otter’s there, right? :K)

T’night Mystee, Swiftwing, Jamie, Soltris and I saw ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and I laughed and cried. Absolutely brilliant work on that faun, but the gratuitous torture, sadism, and murder kind of, uhh, caught me off guard. The one preview I’d seen for the film (months and months ago) made it look like a movie in the ‘Legend’ set. Fantasy. Not…well, the tragedy with fantasy elements this was.


My back isn’t bothering me nearly as much, thank goodness.

Tuesday in Linguistics class, our professor showed us this site: http://cfprod01.imt.uwm.edu/Dept/FLL/linguistics/dialect/staticmaps/state_OH.html

It’s a survey to determine how Ohio residents pronounce words, and occasionally which words or phrases they use in certain situations. Much of it is interesting, and bits of it even amusing. Below however, is…something odd.

Take a look at #80 on there. “80. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?”

a. sunshower (12.04%)
c. the devil is beating his wife (2.33%)
e. fox’s wedding (0.10%)
g. liquid sun (0.91%)
h. I have no term or expression for this (80.67%)
i. other (3.95%)

…Do two of those there on the list strike you as odd? We about laughed ourselves sick in class over some of this stuff. Oh, and http://popvssoda.com:2998/ has a map of the US, charting where people say ‘pop’ and ‘soda’ or other variants. It’s interesting, but take a look at the itemized lists where people entered additional information after selecting the ‘other’ option in the survey. http://popvssoda.com:2998/stats/OH.html Even just for Ohio, it’s entertaining. Oddly, ‘Tarzan Slam’ keeps coming up from different states. It could just be false information from one person, but if not…what the hell’s going on?

Poem aftermath

Well, I didn’t get to read my poem in class the day I’d expected…and instead had to read it today…while a visiting published poet was sitting in on our class.  Gods.  I was already a bit embarrassed to share this one without a minor poetry-world-celebrity there to hear it!

I got through it okay, and was flabbergasted when most of the class admitted they had no idea what it was about.  Only the very last classmate to speak ventured that it might be sexual in nature, and the professor laughed, saying that was a nice Freudian interpretation.

I felt like throwing a shoe at him.  You don’t need Freud to figure this poem out!  It’s…not a a subtle thing!  I…UGH!   I was frustrated.  Their other comments underlined some of the weaker rhymes, and the visiting poet couldn’t figure out what ‘cut the cable’ meant.  I was referring to her turning off the television, in that line.  (Anyways, anyone who missed the poem and wants to see it, log in and look back one entry.)

Amusing find on Flickr: Wil Wheaton’s Flickr account (maybe?).  http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilwheaton/103902683/   I love this photo, but the commentary is even better.  Wil has a great sense of humor. 

I seem to have hurt my back a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been moving like an old man ever since, between doses of pain meds.  I thought the pain was easing, but…it looks like that isn’t the case.  I’ll make an appointment with my doc.  Mom’s worried it’s my kidneys from what I’ve said about the nature and location of the pain, while I’m still holding out hope for a simple muscle strain.  At any rate, it’s REALLY annoying, and makes me look (and feel) more pathetic than usual.  Especially in the mornings.  I feel like father time rolling out of bed and straightening as much as I can, face twisted into a hard wince.  >,<


Again, sorry all for the lack of presence here, both looking and posting.

Funny moments from class:

Poetry-reading workshop – Girl reads a pretty good, vivid poem with lots of apocalyptic and zombie-suggestive imagery. A guy speaks up after she’s finished, and begs to know what it was about. “Zombies.” “YES! I KNEW IT!” Meanwhile, the professor looks on, a bit dismayed-looking. “But…I don’t want it to be about zombies!” Best professor feedback EVAR.

Linguistics: Professor tells us about ‘sniglets,’ words that obey the rules of the English language (both gramatically, phonetically, and morpheme-ally) but which aren’t real words. The best example was ‘charp,’ defined by the textbook as ‘The one green mutant potato chip in every bag.’ I’m putting that into use at every opportunity from now on.

The everyday work-and-school schedule is starting to wear on me, but not too badly yet. After a good hard look at my major requirements, I think I’m down to six courses left after this quarter. If they’re offered at the right times and there aren’t any pre-req tangles, I might have my BA by the end of the summer.


Not much to say, really. School has started up again. This quarter, it’s Intro to linguistics (a notoriously difficult class), Literary Analysis (had to drop this course last quarter; this time around it’s a different professor), and a poetry workshop.

I’m rather annoyed with my schedule as far as times go. 11-3 on MWF, and 2-4 on T-Tr. It pretty much forces me into a very odd schedule with lots of late nights at work. BLAH!

I hope you’re all doing well in this new year?

What’s going on?

My new motto is a ripoff from an icon I’ve seen around.

“I can’t brain today, I have the dumb.”

That said, my update is: School is over for 2006. I did horrible on my logic exam (I studiously organized my notes at work for faster reference, and in the process of spreading everything out, left the two MOST important and vital references at work) but it doesn’t really matter. If your exam grade is lower than your course grade going into it, it’s discarded.

Final Fantasy XII continues to be nifty. Despite my level-whoring, I stumbled upon an optional boss by mistake and was sent running for the hills, HP critical, the prince I was escorting the first to buy it. Whee!

Going to go to Chipotle now with Jamie and devour a burrito.