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Cheap Ghost Trap

Because I feel it’s a crime this fan-made prop replica is going for so little money, I’m plugging this dude’s eBay auction.

This is one of the nicer classes of ghost trap. The doors actually open, and the trap cartridge comes free of its carriage. There are some electronics, but they need a little work.

Current bid as of this post: 51 bucks. Heck, I’d be buying this myself if I was employed. o,o


Show him some love, folks!


So, my folks got me a TomTom for a graduation gift. (Though my last class was last November, I didn’t get my diploma ’til a couple weeks back. Mostly my fault; it’s easy to miss the deadline for graduation-application when they want you to apply six months before the actual commencement date.)

So far I’m really impressed. The screen is nice and big, the suction-cup mount is amazingly solid, and the ball-pivot joint that lets you position the screen is very, very stiff. Once you have it how you like it, it ain’t moving.

The variety of stuff you can add to it is astounding too. Just a few minutes on their website let me add an Australian voice, locations for Chipotle restaurants and Goodwill stores, plus a listing of traffic cams that TomTom can warn me about. There was even a listing of medical marijuana dispensaries you could add. :KD

You can upload your own images for its splash screen and shutdown screen, even the icon that represents you on the map. There’s a hellokitty replacement for that which I passed up reluctantly.

The GPS seems quite accurate, and the maps are quite up to date. Even the tiny lane-split to turn into the driveway for the local highschool is on the map.

Driving to Columbus this Friday’s going to be a lot more fun than it might’ve been otherwise!

A new source of hilarity.

Regrettably the site sticks ads in with the videos, but watch these two and I’m sure you’ll find the site relevant to your interests. Thanks to Simbab for pointing this Neely guy out.



Hot Fuzz

I am so, so sorry for not seeing this movie sooner.  I missed it in the theater and just kinda forgot about it ’til tonight.

I haven’t laughed out loud so many times during a movie since…I don’t know!   I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but if I ever made a movie, I’d want it to be like Hot Fuzz.  Irreverent, over the top, ridiculous, with a plot that doesn’t flash all it’s got to you in the first half hour like a webcam whore.

It was better than Shaun of the Dead in my opinion, if it helps any of you decide to see this film. 

Increase your vocabulary and feed people rice!

Soltris showed me this today, http://www.freerice.com/index.php  

It’s a challenging vocabulary game that uses the money earned from on-site banner ads to buy rice for people in 3rd world countries.  I reached the 48th level of difficulty, but fell back down to 43 almost immediately.  It’s extremely tough!  It’s also occasionally very amusing.

lignify = make woody

stilly = quiet