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Why? Why God?

I was poking around Squeenix’s site for the lastest Star Ocean title. There isn’t much there yet, but the character profiles are up. The main character’s name came up, and…I stopped breathing for a moment. Then I began to cry.

Edge. Edge Maverick.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not thinking of the game’s target audience, but truly, would any kid over 12 think that name is cool? Or even reasonable?


Star Ocean

One of the interesting things about the Star Ocean games I’ve played is that you can utterly whore the game. BUT, the game can whore you back.

The best weapon I’ve gotten so far for my main character grants him an attack rating of around 1100. I started the game with one around 20. I’m near the end of the storyline, so I doubt I’ll be finding anything better. But, with the item creation system you can make a mineral which you can then combine with a sword to give it a +500 ATK rating. Not only that, you can do it SIX TIMES. Now, doing this to complete the game is kinda considered cheating. But it’s absolutely necessary to even *survive* in the ‘post-game’, when you run around to all these secret dungeons with literally 100 floors of enemies tougher than anything you faced doing the storyline. So yes, you can make yourself ridiculously powerful. But you still won’t measure up to the real badasses in the game. O,O

Sadly Star Ocean’s been distracting me from propping. I’m also missing two tubes of superglue I bought… They might be in my car. Mebbe. *scratches his head* Anyways, the Cyclotron looks fair. As soon as I find that glue, I can finish up the spacer and put the washers on the cyclotron. I’ll try to cut the last pieces of wood tonight, for the EDA box and gun body. (Geez, I almost forgot. I need to get some solid blocks of wood to build the Ion arm and Gun mount… Y’see, those are the bits that are stressed the most. The gun mount because it’ll have a few pounds of electronics, wood, metal, and PVC hanging on it… The ion arm because it’s the part people love to grab and wiggle, according to other ghostbuster costumers.)