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Cut-away Lightsaber

Oh. My. Gawd. Most of you know I’m a geek for movie props, and I’ve seen some pretty awesome work shared over the ‘net. But this takes a WHOLE lot of cake.

A scale cross-section of Obi-wan’s lightsaber.

There are more jaw-dropping pics here, http://www.rpf.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=110655

The level of detail is just…mindboggling. This is not a fan-made sink-tube saber. This is art, tons of original design. If this doesn’t make it into the next Star Wars Visual Dictionary, someone’s losing their job.

Dark Lord does community service to bolster reputation

– Coruscant, SD 45.63.009

Lord Vader made an appearance at the Tartarus Survivors 25th reunion today, handing out toys to children and trying his best to refute his widely-known reputation as a sociopathic warlord. Guests at the reunion were stunned, and only one family would allow their children to approach the imposing figure.

When asked to pose for a photograph by IG News cameraman James McDarfast, Mr. Vader answered him with an uncomfortable force-choke. The image below was taken by surveillance drones.