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Penny Arcade

New theory. You can divine a person’s personality by examining their favorite Penny Arcade strips. Cut for laaaaarge images, violence, profanity, vulgarity, and hilarity.

I encourage all of you with obscene amounts of sparetime to go through PA’s archives and select your own batch of ‘god I’m going to post that on my fridge/cubicle/children’ strips.


I had a bad moment today, then a great one, then a moderating one.

First I realized that I’d been sending my emails to the professor to the wrong address.
When I got to class, he told me he *had* gotten two of the three emails I’d sent. (Sadly, the third email directed him to send the email to an address where I could get at it, instead of the work address I’d directed him to send to previously) Turns out the test center had gotten the date wrong, not my professor. He’s giving me an extension ’til Wednesday to make up the test. So WOOT!
I thought tonight’s test had gone well, buuuut…he went over some of the questions afterwards, and I screwed up a few.

So, I was sad, I was happy, I was…mellow. Overall though, goodgoodgoodgood news.

On another note,

(Still buzzing from choklit)

I just read a post by frosttalon about degrees of separation, (you know, how there are like 7 at most between any two people in the world.) Well, I realized tonight that Live Journal lets you jump them sometimes.

Say you look up someone you’ve heard about, or is a friend of someone you heard about, or know. Then you see someone interesting on *their* friend list, and add that friend. You’ve just skipped one or two degrees. Yay for you.

Sorry, it sounded profound at the time. Thirty seconds ago.
WHEE! MORE CHOKLIT! And pickles!


Math test today. I intended to study for it this weekend…then I intended to skip my first two classes to study for it.

I should’ve stayed offline. x,x I have WAY TOO MANY SEXY FRIENDS! Dammit, why do you have to be so sessy?!

Oy. Half of the test was a breeze, but the other half has me very nervous. Darnit. x,x

Umm. Buzzing on chocolate right now. Alohawulf is hosting one of my video files of 2 doing his routine at FC ’05, but the file hasn’t finished uploading yet. (The 300 meg file, yes. Hopefully I can shrink that eventually.) When this one’s uploaded, I’ll go ahead and send up the 2 and Kage improv segment files too.

Recent Experiences You Must All Share:
Read the Memory Sorrow and Thorn series of books by Tad Williams, starting with the Dragonbone Chair.
Watch Napolean Dynamite. Preferably, with silly friends.
Go to Quaker Steak & Lube, order the chips with beer-spiced cheese sauce, and dip your complimentary twizzler in the cheese sauce before eating it. GAWD is that GOOD!
Download and install Picasa2, then laugh cruelly as it chokes on your pr0n collection. Repeat anytime you feel sadistic.
Play DDR until your legs are noodles, rest for twenty minutes, and do it again. Repeat for a month. Then crack walnuts on your calf muscles.
See Heather Alexander and Uffington Horse live in concert. Learn some lyrics beforehand so you can shout ‘How many of them can we make die!!!’ in the appropriate places.