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Unicorn! And Anthrocon.

Found this fellow at Goodwill t’day, miraculously undamaged by all the rabid old women who paw through the bins at the place. My old panther statue will be wary for awhile, but I’m sure they’ll get along in time. :K)

Unicorn Statue


Anthrocon roll-call. Who’s going? Who wants to meet up at some point?

Unfortunately I won’t be at the main hotel this year, but I doubt that’ll prove to be much of a problem. In fact, I’m sure I’ll end up saving time by not-waiting-for-elevators!

If you want my cellphone number, let me know via comment, email or IM.

Writing exercise. Am I still rusty?

He caught a glimpse of it, a quavering billow of white reflected off the rain-spattered dirty plastic of the bus-stop shelter. With an effort he kept his head from whipping about, and instead slowly turned on his heel, grit grinding sandily beneath it. Yes… It was there, watching him with one cerulean eye, the pupil haloed in violet flame. It just looked so very…wrong: that flawless glossy white hue smack in the middle of the dirty gray city. Wet autumn wind stirred the cornsilk mane, slowly gluing it against a powerful shoulder. Her tail, like the tassle on a brand new bookmark, flicked at the raindrops pestering her rump. People walked right past her as they always did, giving the last wisp of magic in their world a wide berth.
Her head dipped, those world-engulfing eyes leaving mine, and sunlight that couldn’t possibly be there dribbled along the spirals of her horn. One perfect hoof rose and fell, making a percussive sound any drummer would give his entrails to reproduce at will. A step closer, and another, before she gestured with her head towards the snowy curve of her back. Gods… This close to her it was more obvious than ever how unworldly she was… Drive for a year with a filthy windshield, never leaving your car, then wash it utterly clean at night…and watch the sunrise through it the next day.
My hand slid into my pocket, and she danced back a half step, velvet nostrils flaring. I drew out the earwax-orange bottle of pills with its medical rune-encrusted label, and dropped it into the gutter.
As she raced down the streets with my hands buried in her mane and my nose between her ears, I bid an unfond farewell to my colorless world.