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Guitar Hero II

Yay! The Guitar Hero II bundle I got from Amazon with Christmas money finally arrived. (Excellent deal: 35 bucks shipped. I can haz juicy licks?)

Just spent about two hours playing, and my fingers gave up on me. This is the first fake-guitar game I’ve owned; all my experience with ’em has been playing at Soltris or Joe’s place.

Cherry Pie kicked my ass, ;,; 3-starred it on medium.

First purchased song: a Freezepop track, of course.

Later, when I’m sure I can do it without breaking anything, I’ll disassemble the X-plorer and give it a fancy new paintjob complete with stencils.

Which reminds me, if any of you’d like to add me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Spootz09. I only have the silver account so no head-to-head play, but you can send me misspelled greetings and laugh at my achievements.

Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ suit on eBay

This is very impressive, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180436488073

It has fans, red LEDs for the mask portholes, and the drill actually spins. The shoes provide some lift, so you’d be appropriately tall if you’re at least somewhere in the neighborhood of 6′ already.

Go here for the build process blog, http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/2009/09/big-daddy-bioshock.html

Most recent entry here has a nice gallery from a photo-shoot they did at an aquarium for the proper atmosphere. http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/

Why? Why God?

I was poking around Squeenix’s site for the lastest Star Ocean title. There isn’t much there yet, but the character profiles are up. The main character’s name came up, and…I stopped breathing for a moment. Then I began to cry.

Edge. Edge Maverick.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not thinking of the game’s target audience, but truly, would any kid over 12 think that name is cool? Or even reasonable?